14/1/2024 9:45 PM

Allo. It has been a while!!! I’ve been very very busy, but I am very much still working on my own things.. (E.g. this site!! Or at least its files!!!) Currently, regarding real-physical-professional-life bullshit, I am finishing up the last project for this school quarter, and will hopefully be able to enjoy my break (and coding time) after it!! Xcellent! Yay!! ^.^

I’ve been getting into a lot of manga recently. I don’t take it as seriously as my other (and very obvious) interests, but its nice! I’ve finished reading Dungeon Meshi (it is so good. It is about dungeon cuisine, creation, and destruxion. Please go read it!!) and Girls’ Last Tour (girls!! Xploring a post-apocalyptic world!! They get quite lonely. Consider accompanying them through reading about them.) and they were xtremely fun to read through. Generally, literature in any form is a lot of fun. c|:) (Especially when regarding fantasy/fixional topics.. Woaw.)

There’s not much else to say. I am simply a very, very busy man. c|:””) And that I may make a new layout. And more importantly that new Tavros content is coming soon. Win for the Nitram Nation!!! c}>x”0 (Population: Probably not a lot… But I am definitely a part of it.)

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30/12/2023 11:55 PM

Hello, world! c|:D We are nearing the end of 2023, the beginning of 2024, and ANGEL NUMBER 222’s first ever birthday! I’ve had one hell of a year and, if my mental state will allow me to make it official: I’m really happy to be alive! Genuinely!! Consistently!!! For real!!!! For the first time in. Quite a fucking while!!!!! Thank you to everyone and everything that ever contributed to that genuinity. My words can’t xpress my happiness. c|x’) (Please god let 2024 be the same!!! I’m begging you!!!! c|OTL)

Right now, however. I am stuck studying for xams and doing homework. During Christmas break. Can you fucking believe this bullshit!!! c|>x””0 I’m supposed to be making a Pokemon kandi bracelet right now, and probably more Homestuck fanart. Yet here I am. Staying awake to get myself that academic bread. When will it end?…. vv (JOKING. i LOVE WORK.) (I just wish I could just do it all at the same time without feeling like shit after!!)

As grateful as I am, I am quite bored. I would talk to my friends but it’s past their (suggested. Very fucking suggested by me) bedtimes and I don’t feel xactly ready for contact and conversation yet. Girls just want to relax. Want to have fun. By being lazy and thinking of future hobby plans without axually doing them just yet. Yeap.

As in: I’m planning to remake WYSiWYG’s layout, fix up some lore shit, maybe make a page for In YOURYOURYOUR Dreams! (especially considering that I’m making a text adventure demo for it. With Javascript. And almost zero xperience. I don’t know what I’m getting myself into!!), write a thousand fucking fanfix about my favorite characters, get back into reading random manga, make fanart, and do fuck all.

In whatever order. Due on literally whatever time. Because I feel like it. c|:3 (I think my new year resolution is chill the fuck out. And make friends, because I’m getting way too enamored with this “talking with axual people” thing.)

That’s all. Happy new year! I hope we all have a swell time. c|:)

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21/12/2023 2:10 PM

It has been too long since I’ve last made one of these!!! But whatever! c|:’D December has been xtremely kind to me. I have done a lot of socializing, learning, and enjoying my life so far. c|:) (Turns out going out more, even for sch001 reasons, helps a lot with one’s mental health and social life!! Who could’ve guessed!)

It’s also done a lot to my philosophy (many things have lost their meaning for me…) but it’s ok. I will learn to balance this shit soon. vv As far as I know, it’s my first time living. Go easy on me.

Anyway I have to tell you about this year’s Christmas party!! (Spoilers: It was a lot of fun. c|:)) I didn’t know what was happening 90% of the time, nor knew 90% of the people, but it was really xhilirating. I love games. I love being around people. I love playing games with people despite my immense confusion. I love taking stupid selfies with my friends (despite one of them almost not being in frame and having the blandest and poutiest xpression ever?? Like ok edgelord..) (affexionate). And I love wearing barely-in-theme clothing. I also spent a lot of money buying said barely-in-theme clothing. Worth it!! ^^ (LEATHER PANTS AND JACKETS FTWWW!!)

Got a lot of motivation this month, as well. Mostly for my hobbies. c|:’) I still have many academic and work related things to do. But who cares!!! If I don’t restruxure this plot and learn more art techniques I will xplode out of the sheer energy I possess yet cannot utilize. Mark my words…

…On another note: I similarly had the motivation to finish reading Dispatches from the Loneliest Girl in the Universe. And. Well. Without getting too spoiler-y: I’m never going to recover. c|OTL Oh my god. I mean I saw that coming but oh my god. What the fuck is his problem. <-(Face of someone who already knew his problem yet understands that he had many better options to make.) I hope Romy is ok. She’s the bravest girl ever. How would you even xplain that fucking situation. Is the crew taking care of her. If not someone is going to die. Because of me. (Go read it now!! Go do it!! Lauren James is an awesome author and go read An Unauthorised Fan Treatise too if you haven’t! Bitch!! c|>x”0)

I have more thoughts on this, but I have to give them time to simmer lest all that comes out of me is otherworldly gibberish. Xpect a shrine. (After a few weex, that is.)

Whatever. I’m normal. So normal about everything ever. I need to remake this page’s layout soon. That’s it. c|O(-(

See you next entry! c|:)

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21/11/2023 8:11 PM

“Does Tavros Nitram is aroace?” - Something proudly thought up by yours truly, ??/11/2023.

(..But really. Does Tavros Nitram is aroace spectrum.) (This means quite a lot to me. I’m going to do such a character study on this later. No one can stop me. >>)

Anyway um!! I know it is just Tuesday, but I am having a good week so far. c|:) I dressed up all pretty on Sunday (all black. Seriously GUYS. NO ONE TOLD ME i COULD DO THAT AND 100K OR AT LEAST FEEL SO GOOD. HELLO?!), got past all of the hard projex for this week, and got hit by a basketball somewhere along the way. I will not elaborate. c|:d (It’s ok. I don’t really care I just got a bit shocked.)

I feel like making a drawing for the pretty girl I mentioned a few many weex earlier. vv As an axual show of appreciation and maybe also a way to say that I think that she’s alright. Because I really do not talk or emote as much as I should. It’s reasonable (there is nothing to talk or emote about!!) but I guess it’s kind of concerning. To others. I, Tinkerbull, don’t caare. c|:D

Overall I think I’ve restored a lot of trust and control in myself these past few months. I am tr001y the only motherfucker who can get herself out of nasty predicaments or at least help her survive it. People can help along the way but I will still get the final say. That is very empowering.

Let’s go character development!! c|xD

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15/11/2023 6:22 PM

Hobbies and skills are real weird. Having art and design as a hobby is so weird. Hm. I have really good grades (I axually quite like learning), but when it comes to art contest shit, I fuck it up despite how good I think it loox. Hmmm. (The concepts of objective and subjective skills, you haunt me so!)

Haven’t been able to do anything constructive for a while becaause I think I’m in some state of mental deterioration. Just kinda wanna turn my brain off for now and doom-scroll like how some folx I know do. Can’t even bring myself to do weird fandom shit! It’s horrid. (I’m rereading Homestuck, and for the past few days straight, I’ve been stuck on this one page.) (Can’t bring myself to think about how much I like this got damn comic. What!!)

These events at sch001 kind of suck ass, too. Like what do you mean you’re not going to supply me with a schedule when everything happens at different places and none of my classmates or teachers tell me shit. What. What. What. Am I all alone in this world or something. What. The regular classes are good though. Science makes me feel very happy. (That being said, I may be planning to be absent for the rest of this week.) (I am so tired!!! Please allow me to hibernate. I will make up for it in amazing class participation and performance in group projex. Promise.)

Anyway. I think I’m going to get back to work (see: Very untouched to-do list!!) soon. Need to get it together.

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23/10/2023 8:31 PM

Hello! Sorry for being away for so long. I was busy being awesome as fuck. c|:) I’ve gotten into a new hobby (kandi) and I’m having tons of fun so far! Right now I’m making my.. 4th or 6th bracelet! I lost count along the way. c|x)

It’s a single bracelet with rainbow beads that’re dripping. Xtremely simple, but I’m still xcited to make it! (It also may or may not be the hemosspectrum. I don’t know. That’s not my business.) It’s a bit shitty (mostly because I’m not using axual pony beads, and also because I don’t know what I’m doing) but it’s fun! ^^ So very fun.

Here are some pix of my recent xploits.:

Also. Unrelated to the kandi. And will keep it vague. But how the hell do I keep finding myself in these situations. Nothing’s bad happened, but what in the…. c|x| (God forbid I be normal! God forbid I try to be normal!! Arghhh!!)

Despite making a diary entry, I don’t think I’ll axually update the website today. Might have to be tomorrow!! Lol. c|:)

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13/10/2023 9:58 PM

Hello. Happy Friday the 13th. This is all just a huge testament to my patience. The prettiest girl ever waved goodbye to me today and I don’t even know her. Hello. What the fuck. c|:3 There’s nothing wrong with it, I axually was kind of happy. But what the hell. c|:3 I felt like Creep by Radiohead. What.

Other than that.. I don’t xually have anything else to say. My brain’s all mush today! I’ve finished my xams for now and I just wanna slack off!! c|:P (I got a real high score in Science, I’m so very glad.) Right now I’m watching random Adventure Time and FIona and Cake clips. Not too into said shows, but I think they’re c001 and interesting! I love Candy Queen, Simon, and Betty. They’re so funny.

I have tons of stuff to work on, but I’m trying to take it easy. I’ll work on them tomorrow. Such as the two shrines and art description I need to finish making. And the art homework.. I deserve this goddamn break.

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9/10/2023 9:32 PM

Hello world! I am in quite a good mood today! A bit anxious, yeah, but that’s normal at this point ! ! (I keep getting randomly scared for no reason. What is the meaning of this?!

Anyway. I’ve been working my ass off for the past few weex. Always working on projex and assignments. I think it’s good for me! c|:) (The face of a workaholic.) I’ve also been drawing a lot, but it’s mostly sch001 (and website/shrine!) stuff, hence the GALLERY being more desolate than usual. Yet my heart is so very full. c|x’) (The face of a robot who loves being rewarded for his interests and hobbies.)

I’ve recently found out that I love being friends and talking with people, too. I just don’t have anything to say to them 90% of the time, xcept if it’s related to my weird nerd shit ! It kind of sux. I wish I was a bit more talkative. (Some folx don’t respect me as they should, too. Like what do you mean you’re infantilizing me when you mean the whole world to me. Fucked up…) (Their compliments are sweet, but I don’t xactly think that they mean it. Man….)

But. It’s fine. Probably. I’ve got drawing and coding. And being so much better at remembering formulas than them. And Tavros. And Davtav and Equfefnep. And Portal. And c001 musix (sometimes shared with my new friends). And my trinkets. I’ve got very awesome priorities as you can see…

It’s been a tough couple of months adjusting, but I’m doing well. Trying to do well. Can I get a virtual hug or something? I think I deserve it. ^^”

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20/9/2023 ??:?? ??

I had a really good day today! I feel so goddamn sappy and emotional!! Finally!!!! Did lots of work in my favorite class, (hopefully) passed a math xam, and did fuck all in the others. I’m very, very happy. c|:)

Mainly happy about hanging out hanging around sitting near being grouped with this new friend I made. They are very endearing and silly. I do hope I can become better friends with them soon…. ^^ (..Also a bit romantic about them? I will not do anything about this endeavor because it simply is not on purpose and conscious behavior !) (Aha. Please disregard that previous phrasentheses.)

The sky 100ked even more beautiful on the way home. I think I want to start making kandi bracelets.

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16/9/2023 9:28 AM

Ok. I’m sober now. Less stupid mental breakdown shit weighing me down. I am so fucking tired and it’s all my fault. c|:””)

I really don’t know anything. I respect these people too much to meet their xpectations of a friend. The only friend I’ve ever made and kept is so far away from me and holy shit I miss them so much. I do not feel good! ! ! ! !

I should just stop everything. I don’t know what that means but I should do it. Holy fuck I need to go to the salon!!! Very badly!!

Things might get better, or easier to go through. But I’m frankly losing my patience and am on the verge of plugging my brain into the computer and living on the internet forevermore. Life Itself just came on. Goddamn. c|OTL

Any fucking way. Tavros shrine revamp is going well nicely, I just have to draw the comic portion of it and write.. Literally everything else. Am I going to sshow a sneak peek? No. Sorry. c|:”( Just trust me that it loox awesome so far… I’m lacking lots of energy, so it’s gonna take a wwhile.

Living feels like one huge fever dream I can’t seem to wake up from. That’s all. Have a nice day.

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15/9/2023 8:44 PM

Hello world. I just had the worst fucking day of my life. I think this "real life socializing" thing is over for me. I don't really know! I'm just so, so, so tired.

I think I've been dead for a long time now. Decomposition's finally catching up to me and draining me of all of my weird, built-up, post-death energy. Yet I still try to stay positive... It's kinda weird, apparently I'm supposed to think about things more. but when I do. I start to feel like shit? Crazy!!

I'm not in the best headspace right now. Sorry. I'm generally happy, but also generally tired. So tired of everything. I don't know what to do or what to say all of the time. Sorry. Maybe some things just aren't meant to be? (And by some, I mean many!! (Sorry it anyone's reading this. Go check out the other updates instead. Maybe I'll feel better soon, and the next entry's gonna be awesome.

I might just be overthinking it and being overdramatic. The world was so very pretty yesterday. Maybe I'll just stop trying and think about that, instead... I had tons of fun in my favorite class, you know. Everything 100ked greener. too. which is fucking awesome.

Very tired. I think I need a therapist a support group some goddamn honesty and a hug from everyone for once. Also a plate of dinner. That'll do me some good.

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2/9/2023 7:50 AM

Hello September. The Front Bottoms were right when that’s how the c001 boyfriend sits in the passenger seat of his girlfriend’s car. And that he’s 100king right at me. Good fucking god.. vv I think I may be dying. xx (Going through an xtreme bout of gender envy and in general jealousy. Ever since I started living like a normal person again. How do you people deal with this!!! c|OTL)

I’m alive though, so I think I’ll be alright ! It just kind of sux. Like a lot. What do you mean I can axually be friends and interact with the person I have gender envy for. That shit’s not healthy for me!! c|x( (Does it anyway. I am very disappointed with myself.) (But they’re so fucking c001…) (I am very disappointed with myself.)

Either way, I’ll try to live with it and be normal about it. Even though it’s kind of setting me ablaze every second I’m awake. Um! c|:”) Doesn’t really help that I’m more different(??) than everyone else but what fucking ever!!! I thrive in my own spaces, and they thrive in theirs. There are other seas to meet other fishes in. And the such. (I am actively decaying. c|O(-()

I have also noticed that somehow, this is one more thing I have in common with Tavros Nitram. I don’t know what to do about this, but I guess it’s kind of funny ! (Just like him fr….)

I’m not going to talk about it anymore in this entry for my own sake, so! About that project (Classpecting 222)! I’m having lots of fun making content for it so far, especially since Blood and Breath is up next to be analyzed! I will not be normal about this whatsoever! Yay!!! c|:D

I won’t have much to say about B100d (see: I am a very shitty Rogue of Blood.) but I’ll still be pretty sentimental about it. c|:) It is my inversion Aspect, after all. (..Or my original Aspect. Maybe I’m just a really confused Rogue. Who knows! c|:P) (I’m too satisfied in being a Page of Breath to find out, thank you very much.)

I’m also sick today. That’s all. c|:)

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26/8/2023 10:00 AM

I’ve been seeing 222 (the number) a lot more lately. (And not because it’s literally my name and site name !) It’s very ominous. I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do about it!! c|:””)

It usually means shit like major life changes or a sign that I’m going down the right path. But. The thing is. I don’t know where the fuck I’m going!! c|x”) I did make a new friend though. Remake an old friend. So at least I have that going for me..

My aunt also recently gave me a gift! Consisting of earrings!! c|:D Wow. I love earrings. 100k at them.

…There are way more, but I didn’t want to take a pixure of them. Lol!

Only downside is that they’re from a shady online store, which makes her purchase a bit concerning regarding the ethix (see: the xistence of sweatshops and factories), but I appreciate it nonetheless. (I would’ve asked her to go check out a handmade store, but she already bought from them and I didn’t have much of a choice.. c|:””()

It’s fine. Probably. I’ll just have to make sure we buy from the right stores next time.

…I’m also allowed to post a diary entry in the morning. Because I am the universe’s favorite! c|:D

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18/8/2023 9:50 PM

By god they keep on getting my name wrong. It’s not even the harder part of my name. It’s my fucking first (typical child name with added affix). Something bad is going to happen and it’s not going to happen to me.

Jokes!! Kidding! c|:) I axually had a pretty good sch001 week. Was a bit hard to get used to (strained tonation. I had to speak so much, you guys..!), but I guess I still have it in me! I’ve also learned that computer classes, clubs, programs, and schedules are the fucking best. I love being around technology. c|x)

And that I’m awesome as fuck. Why? Because I managed to memorize and recite two entire paragraphs this week. Without completely losing it in the middle of doing so!! c|:D I am the universe’s favorite, and as well the bestest and most capable boy on this planet. c|:) ..Probably.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day today too! ^^ We were allowed to go home early, I was allowed a nap (a nap!! Which will completely fuck over my sleep schedule, but holy shit! A nap!! Huge win for sleepy folx all around the globe.) and my family and I just went to this c001 restaurant! They had cheesecake and a singer/songwriter fundraiser/concert. Pretty sweet. c|:) Literally for the cake.

Lastly, I managed to finish a drawing today!! Might be uploading it tomorrow though, since I still have to work on the description + alts. It’s getting pretty late, too!! If I fall asleep at 12 or later again I’m going to xplode the Earth!!

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12/8/2023 10:54 PM

Everything’s (goddamn school, real life people, my own thoughts and axions, and so on) getting to me, as always, but it usually doesn’t get this bad.. c|:”( (I shouldn’t be worrying so much about said everythings, but I am!! I keep on overthinking about it too, sending me down to other things I shouldn’t be worrying about!! It’s horrible!!)

Thankfully, (incoherently) typing that all out and rereading it makes it feel better. Even just a little bit. The power of venting, everyone!! c|:’) I’m probably not going to sleep today. My thoughts are feeling very unsafe at the moment, and honestly! I don’t want to be left alone with them!! Or at least without anything to distract myself from it!! (I said some really stupid things today. Which then made me think really stupid things. Not c001. Not c001 whatsoever.)

But I’ll try to stay positive ! Just like I always do. I don’t know why (trying not to think about it tonation) but I’ll still try to!!! I’ll just be really fucking tired while doing so. Because a mere man like me is not supposed to live through so many Events and Happenings in a couple of months. H.

Anyway! I think that’s all. I got distracted (YAY) for a few maybe 20 minutes and completely forgot what else I was going to say. Jeffory Stritram and Vaxory Marylonde the cringe cousins ever. (Will not elaborate. I forgot that too.) Bye!!!!

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11/8/2023 10:26 PM

Just came back from a long week of making (sch001-related) decisions and regretting them despite the fact that they probably won’t end as bad as I think they will. Man. No one should let me do this shit ever again!! c|x””(

Despite that ! Past Emmett was kind of right about the “people waiting for [him]” part! There are people waiting for me (related to the said decisions), and may axcidentally crush and kill me in a hug when I eventually reveal myself to them!!! Will they regret it? Maybe. Maybe not.. This free will shit is so xhausting. vv”” (So ready to just pass out at any given moment. And I don’t think I’m xaggerating anymore…)

Still hope that I can follow through, though. Because as tired and as demotivated as I am, I’m the most stubborn motherfucker on this bitch of a planet, of whom has survived many stupidly close calls, and will continue to do so!! Whether I want to or not!!! Unfortunately!!!!! c|>x”(

Anyway.. I don’t think I have much else to say ! I just really needed to vent. Like. Really needed to. I was practically bursting at the seams today.. “”>> My thoughts (both written and inside my mind) are all over the place, but it’s better than it was a few (very moody and hateful) hours ago. Well. See you next entry!

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5/8/2023 1:29 PM

Hi guys. At the time of writing this, the electricity’s out. So I feel like a melting ice cream cone right now. Awesomee. c|:””)

I don’t have a lot to talk about, other than the fact that my two week vacation starts now (YAYY VACAY LET’S FUCKING GOOO) and that I’ve started rereading Homestuck, because the first time I did, I was fucking horrible at reading!!! (I may have skipped a few pages. Okay maybe a lot. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dialogue back then….)

Anyway! I’ve got the page where Tavros first appears in bookmarked to read later because I know I’ll be fucking crazy about it!! How do I know this? Many reasons. ^^” (See: This site. And the Tavros shrine.) But also because of what I speed-typed into my Notes app as if I were liveblogging. See for yourself!:

There wasn't any indication that the next page would be Tavros's first appearance. I'm just that insane.

..I’m pretty sure it’s only going to get worse. Good for me. c|:) Probably not for you guys. I’m going to be so insane about this, that by the time I’m done, my Tavros shrine will be completely renovated with twenty new paragraphs!! (Kind of an xaggeration..) (Kind of. c|x’))

I’d apologize, but this is my website. So.. Thanx for reading whatever the hell that was! Bye!!

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21/7/2023 8:39 PM

I was supposed to write an entry on my birthday but I was busy having too much fun and forgot. I was supposed to write one yesterday but I had a headache and forgot. So I’m making one now!! Two days later!! “^^

I had a really fun birthday, I got to eat at my favorite restaurant (and have cheesecake!! Fucking love that dessert) and buy some new clothes (skirts and shirts..). Was really nice!! c|:) Even got a present from a friend, which was really c001 too.

We were also able to eat at the (oddly empty but nicely decorated) second floor of said restaurant so I felt really fancy.. c|x)

As for today.. Nothing much happened. Just caught up with some work (really slowly..) and slacked off. I did get a new ring though!! Which will have to be pawned off again later. But who cares!! c|x) Currently wearing it right now, and while its kinda 100se, its really pretty! (It has a flower motif! c|:d)

That’s all for now (love this phrase). Thanx for reading this (very) (probably not as edited as it should be) rushed entry. c|:)

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Listening to: Nothing. c|:(

17/7/2023 7:37 PM

Hi world. Sorry for the last entry. Very incoherent. (This one will be even more so!!…) I feel as if I am about to xplode. I can’t work on anything for the life of me, save for the Tavros drawing I finished just a few days ago. Maaan. c|:(

Life has not been going easy on me at all, and I think I’m starting to lose it!! Like for realsies this time!!! But in the saddest way possible because I built myself back up all by my own just to get knocked down again!!!! Doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling less real (more like. Horrendously unplanned. In everything and also xistence and role in life) recently and that I have no idea what to do either!!!

I’ll deal, though, I think. Life and the people around me may be nothing but tiring bullshit but at least I have video games (Flightrising and Pokefarm!! Yeahh). And the characters (literally listed in my ABOUT. Shout out to them). And the beautiful sky outside my stupid little room (which is orange or purple sometimes, what a delight). And parfait (I love strawberry!!!!). Yup. c|:)

Anyway um!!! Need to cheer myself up now. I’m planning to start making the new layout soon (like really soon. Maybe Wednesday if I feel alright enough) and making more Tavros content, because there’s no such thing as too much Tavros. c|x) I also keep having weird dreams involving the concept of friendship. Of which I do not want to unpack that right now. (One of them had a girl who did nothing but complain to me, but whom I concernedly helped and followed around anyway. Hmmm!) I think I’m having tons of fun on Flightrising so far, despite how much of it to me is grinding.. It’s really fun to write random stories for my dragons on there! ^^ Very happy about all of those, even the weird dreams one..

I don’t think I have anything else to type (I zoned out after typing the previous paragraph… Oops. >>) so I think I’ll end this entry here. I’ll add alts to the new Tavros drawing tomorrow, again, because of life and laziness reasons. See you next time! c|:)

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1/7/2023 9:09 PM

It’s almost my birthday (just 18 days left), and to be completely honest with you guys, as xcited as I am, I think I’m slowly starting to lose it!!

I’ve missed multiple work (in general, xc100ding hobbies because I still respect myself) deadlines, making me feel like I’ve got nothing done, and am also going through a horrible bout of home(? Technically a second home. It’s going to be so much different now, I don’t know how I’ll take to it)sickness that I can’t seem to stop however hard I try!! c|x( I have no idea what I’m supposed to do about that!!

Whatever. At least I still have coding and drawing… And thinking of stories I’ll probably never write. And also my (now multiple!!) friends to talk to. (Note to 222: Update ABOUT page!!) I guess I’m alright.

Anyway! I’ve been really into more cutesy (pastels, ribbons, frills, the worx) stuff lately! Hence the brand new graphix page and trinket box layouts. c|:) I’m very proud of them!! I still very much like the 100k my current main layout has, though, so I won’t be changing it too much once I do. c|:3 (I’ll get to it once all of this is over, or when it’s a lot more bearable..)

In the meantime, I’ve been wondering about a lot of things. Like, how will the people there react to me once I finally get back home? They could look at me with all of the disgust in their eyes, axually happily welcome me back, fake it, or a weird mix of it all.. And despite that, I think I’d still go through it anyway!! (And maybe forgive them for it, too. A thousand times over.) (I’d do anything for these people, everything good that ever happened to me back home, and the such..)

It all makes me very scared. I can only hope for the best and that I’m just xaggerating everything like I do with how I feel. But even if it all turns out bad, at least I’d have a schedule to stick to and places to go by then. c|:) (I’m also very xcited to get out more often! It’ll be so fun. c|x))

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14/6/2023 9:52 PM

Long time no see, DIARY!! ^^’’ I blame my (VERY) busy schedule for that. And also my tendency to make stressful but overall good for me impulsive decisions.. Yeah. (It’s been a very tiring week, and it’s still Wednesday!! c|x””()

Despite how fucking swamped I’ve been with homework, I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done..!! I still have to finish the new trinket box layout (just need to make the sorting script), make multiple sch001 reports (why is there so many!!! Hello!!!), rewrite WYSiWYG’s worldbuilding sexion, maybe start coding another OC page as well, finish coloring and shading that goddamn outfit I started last week, and a bunch more other important things I’ve yet to do!! What the hell!! c|>x””0 (Don’t even get me started on that Homestuck fic I keep bringing up!! I haven’t added a single word to it for weex!!) (..Hence the fact I refer to myself as an inactive writer. It is a very horrible truth. c|:”()

Anyway!! I went shopping today and got myself two new skirts! Very nice. Very awesome! c|:3 I wish I had enough allowance money to get myself a belt or two (and also maybe a blouse), but maybe another time.. I saw a lot of neat stuff(: Poodle plushie wearing a floral shirt, fuckign TEDDY BEAR HALF MY SIZE!!, awesome monster truck blind box, and some candle-holding lantern things) there which was also c001. Would go outside again!! c|:d

Also finished a drawing today! I finished it a bit late but I’m still really proud of it. I’ll talk about it more in the GALLERY!!! Bye! c|:)

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30/5/2023 10:22 PM

I finally got my own pair of headphones!! c|:D Can’t take a pixure right now (currently doing three things at the same time, which will eventually become four) but they’re beige colored and wireless! (I really wanted one with wires, but they were way too xpensive for me to afford.. c|:( So I took what I could get. c|:))

I didn’t axually need headphones. I just kind of wanted to spend my own money on my own things. It feels very rewarding! c|x) (Also, the privacy is very good for me! Helps me do things I axually want to do without thinking about others. Awesomee! c|x)) (..Figured that one out while nervously pausing and unpausing a cover I wanted to listen to today. Made me feel very stupid.)

Anyway!! I’ve been really into RPG and rogue-like games lately. c|:) Very good stress relievers while I multitask and finish mounds of work. Unfortunately for my weak-willed laptop. Poor thing can’t help heating up after a few seconds…! c|x””( (And yet I am attached to it the same.. I am going to be so sad once this thing goes. Should probably get some USBs soon to save the stuff I have on here..)

..That’s all for now, I think. I don’t have anything else to type and ramble about. See you next time! c|:)

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20/5/2023 8:14 PM

Just came back from a shopping trip! Had lots of fun. c|:) (..Well. Not entirely true. Nothing was particularly xciting..) (But! I was allowed to push the shopping cart again! Very fun for me. I even allowed myself a bit of socialization. c|:)) (…By which I mean I handed money to the cashier. Yeah. That’s it. That’s the socialization. Yup.) (Good enough..? “”>>)

Anyway ! I have many things to do today. Those things being: Start designing new layout (+ trinket box's), start a new drawing (WYSiWYG family pixures? Really 100king forward to designing Kanaya and Tavros), still finish that goddamn fic, maybe rework an old Davtav draft, and work!! c|>x’’0 ..Not all of them are on my axual to-do list, but they are very much my priorities for now. c|:) Very out-of-order priorities. c|:’)

I also want to start a new hobby (jewelry making? c|:3 Scrapbooking? c|:33) sometime, and make my own classpecting guide (Guillemet’s Classpect Guide?). Those will have to wait, though.. Need to move, and code the new layout first. Such a hassle.. vv”

Whatever. The time will pass anyway. All will be alright. c|:) See you next time!

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13/5/2023 9:22 PM

I’m back! Took a bit longer than four days to update, but it’s fine. c|:) Was going through. A lot of things. Had to take a few days off to unwind since I got really torn up about me not finishing much. I still haven’t finished much, but I feel better about it now! It can wait. c|x)

I finally finished the RTC shrine today. It’s not fully polished, though. I’ll have to reword some paragraphs later.. But I like it the way it is now. I think that’s enough for me. c|:) (Huge fan of the Random findings sexion. Makes me feel professional! Whatever the hell that’s meant to mean! ^^)

I think I’ll start working on a new layout soon (finally figured out how iframes are meant to work. So much easier than I thought it’d be) but I plan on updating the trinket box (layout + new additions) and the WYSiWYG (..kind of everything) pages first. And also finish working on that fic I’m writing. And maybe start a new drawing. c|x| I have a lot to do!!

I’m going to be focusing on my studies first, though. Need to finish up all of these overdue activities and get ready to move at the same time. It’s gonna be really nerve-wracking. Both of those things. But I’m xcited. c|:) I’m ready to give this daily socializing thing another chance. It’ll be really good for me! (Still makes me nervous though!! I do not know what I’d do if I am to be outcasted again.) (I’ll figure something out. Just gotta hang in there!! c|x0)

Would type (and edit this) more, but I’m in a bit of a rush. Just needed to write one today to keep myself updated. c|:) Thanx to whoever’s keeping up!

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7/5/2023 9:37 PM

Crazy thing happened today! c|:) I think someone might’ve recognized me when I was out shopping! It’s very sad. I didn’t recognize them back. Or notice them. At all… (See; I am very used to not staring at things or people I don’t know! If I do, it’s usually very awkward. And a bit impolite sometimes.) (The family member I was with said that they were smiling at me and 100ked like one of my past classmates. While I didn’t even take a second to look at them back. Weirdd!! What was up with that!! c|x”|) (That was directed to me. Sorry person I didn’t see at all. Nothing against you. Probably. Hopefully???)

Anyway. I am very freaked out now because of that. Both positively (someone CARES about me!! We are a wonderful species and I take everything bad I said back. Peace and love on planet Earth) and negatively (I don’t fucking know them. Who are you and why are you in my vicinity. If you talk about this behind my back I am going to xplode). I think I will just ignore it. I have too much on my plate already and I don’t feel like reconnecting with anyone right now.. Sorry to that person. Again. Probably!! c|x”””|

Other than worrying life circumstances! C001 things happened to me too. Like me almost finishing the RTC shrine (just need to add infos and opinions! Really fun). And me almost finishing the RTC shrine. And Tavros. Somehow. Obviously. Very important guy in my life. c|:) ..And that’s it. Yeah….

(Imagine that there’s a “Hang in there” kitten poster pasted here. Sick, right? c|x”))

…I think when I’m done with all of my sch001 stuff (and other worrying stuff) for now, I’m just going to pass out for an entire week. Or anything else equivalent to it. That worx too!..

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29/4/2023 10:39 PM

Hello world! I decided to get my life together today. As in. I finally arranged my sketchboox and materials after months of not doing so. Yay! c|x) Look at them!

(They’re from late 2022!) (Really missed these guys. Haven’t drawn in ‘em for a long, long while..)

Might archive some pages in the GALLERY if the photos don’t take up too much storage space. I am very, very frugal with my storage..! (There are also a lot of embarrassing drawings on there. I don’t think I’ll be uploading those to the internet anytime soon.)

There’s one WIP I’m definitely going to archive, though, once I add some finishing touches. Whenever that may be.. (If it doesn’t show up ever. Just assume that I had lied. c|:P)

It was all pretty neat to 100k back on, if not a bit cringy. I do not regret! c|:) (There were a lot of design notes for this one troll character I have/had..) (Their name was Kolton, they wore a welding mask/goggles when I was first drawing them, and they looked, so, damn, cool!! c|>x0)

Anyway. I am never going to draw that character ever again. Probably. Too embarrassing. Sorry, Kolton. >>

I’m still going to keep drawing in those sketchboox (barely any of the pages are filled) but less regularly.. I’m not very confident with drawing traditionally and I have a lot of other things to worry about. I’ll see if I can draw anything when I’m free, though! c|:) (I’ve been itching to do a collage-like drawing about/for Tavros lately. I might do that. With my very limited supply of stickers..)

Don’t have anything else to write for now, since.. I’ve kind of forgotten the entire day. Whoops! c|:”) (Also.. ignore the time that this was written. I'm allowed a bit more screentime. Nobody has to know.) So, see you next entry! Again! c|:D

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20/4/2023 7:50 PM

Hello again!! No updates or entries in a long while since I haven’t been able to code a lot lately (I usually code during midnight.. I no longer can code at midnight), very sorry about that..!!! Haven’t been thinking about/doing a lot of interesting stuff either. I’ve just been living, I guess. Trying to get used to the new routine. Which is 90% homework so I can get this school year over with. It’s tolerable ! c|:’)

I do have a few writing ideas in mind, though, for when I finish that drawing (I have to do things in order or I shall Die) so that’s pretty c001. I don’t know if I’ll have the writing skills required to xecute what I want to show, but I’ll try! If I don’t like it, I can just rewrite it in the future anyways. c|:3

I’ve been getting into BJDs (ball-jointed dolls) (they’re very pretty!) recently, but I don’t have enough money to buy my first one yet.. When I do, though, I think I may name it after an RTC character, because why the hell not! (I’m thinking having their sculpt name as their surname of sorts, too.. Kinda cool. c|:))

So umm! I think that’s it for today. Very very short entry but it’ll do. Thanx for reading. c|:)

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17/4/2023 8:05 PM

Typing this entry earlier than I usually do because um. I got a lot of my screentime revoked. c|:”) I now have to hand in all of my devices at 10:00 PM. (I did a very, very, silly thing today to warrant this.) (Do I regret it? Haha. No. c|:) Fucking worth it.) (I will not be xplaining what this silly thing was. Future me will have to rediscover it himself. And everyone else too I guess!)

I wasn’t able to axcess any of my devices (they got confiscated) this entire day also due to said silly thing, so I didn’t really get anything done. No homework. No coding (until now). And no work. Fuck. How the hell am I going to get my pay now? c|:””(

I had to make a promise that I’d socialize more in real life during the confiscation, too. So um. I (present me, as I may one day) didn’t really benefit from this. Xcept from the satisfaxion I got from everyone’s reaxions. They were pretty scared. And angry at me. Mostly angry at me. Very worth it! (I don’t understand why they’re like that, frankly. I gave in to their pressure and got punished for it.) (I am getting mixed signals over here!! What do you people want from me!!!) (This shit is unxcusable and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them. I should really get out of here when I can!!)

Sorry for the slight rant, I just remembered that I’ll be putting this on the fucking internet, so I have to keep it at least somewhat tame. I am just. Very angry. But I’ll deal with it for now, as I unfortunately have a very strange and nonsensical obligation to keep on living, despite whatever the hell the universe throws at me, and it’ll keep on being there whether I (or anyone else) like it or not. (I just hope that this becomes more endurable one day, or at least less tiring to go through..) (That one day better become closer, by the way. I am getting very impatient!!)

I like to think that there are people in the future waiting for me, and while I don’t like living solely for others, I’ll try to hang in longer to get even a second closer to meeting them. I will try.

And oh!! Electricity just came back! (writing this in my Notes) Awesome IT WENT OFF AGAIN. God damn. Okay whatever I can keep working with this. Whatever. c|x””( May have to post this entry tomorrow if this keeps up. So not c001.

I don’t axually have a lot else to write (because I didn’t do anything) so I think I’ll be ending this entry here. Bye! c|:) (I am not apologizing for a second time about the rant. I deserved that damn rant.) (Okay bye again!! Lol. c|x))

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15/4/2023 8:45 PM

Hi guys. Just woke up from a nap. I do not remember anything I did yesterday. This is xactly why I need to write more entries more often.. (It feels like I just slept for the entirety of yesterday and somehow ended up here. Even though I know that I didn’t do that. Or at least feel like it. What is going on!!)

I think I had a very stressful day today, but that doesn’t even matter right now. Hunting on Pokefarm is so fucking xcrutiating. What do you mean I have to wait to hatch these Ponyta eggs? And where is my melan?? c|x”( (The pro in this situation is the fact that I now have my first field populated entirely of Ponytas. Life is so good for me right now! c|:)) (May have to release them later so I have more space, though. God fucking damn it….. Cannot have anything.)

I’m also trying to save up for a PokéRadar, but fuck is it xpensive.. (750,000 for one PokéRadar. I am going to pass out.) It’s okay. I’ll just have to sell more Boxes more often…….

Anyway. Outside of video game matters. I got my nails painted again! c|:) They’re purple and sparkly and I love them!! So very awesome. (Kind of makes me think of Rose whenever I look at them, too. What a nice thought. c|:)) I also started a new drawing.. Today? Yesterday?? I do not care ! It’s Tavros related, again. Who would’ve thought! c|x) (Gcatavros, specifically! He’s gonna be all grown up. Aradia’s there, too, which just makes it even better. ^^) (Based it off of that new fic I wrote. I don’t know if I’m proud or still kinda shy about it, but I’ll give it a reread later and see!) (Can always improve on my next one, anyways, so it’s c001. c|:))

Gcatavros in said drawing will also have xtremely poofy hair (kind of like a lion’s!!!), which isn’t what I was going for (I tried to make him 100k similar to the Summoner, but it’s hard to replicate his hairstyle when said hairstyle is for straighter hair, and not curly..) but its very welcome! c|:) (It reminds me of the Cats musical a bit.. I haven’t seen it or heard the songs yet, but the costumes are very well designed!)

That’s all for now. I feel like a headache’s going to hit me soon, and I don’t want to make it worse when it does. See you next entry. c|:)

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8/4/2023 11:28 PM

Sorry for not writing in here for so long!! Got caught up in life stuff again. And also playing video games. A lot of them. I am not immune to fun, fast-paced gameplay, unfortunately. c|:””) I’ve been doing nothing but work for the past few hours, though, so I think I deserve it. As a little treat! c|:3 (I say, while my neglected school projex and reports stare at me with hate…) (I’ll finish them soon… One day…..)

I haven’t gone out in a while, too. But this time it was out of my own volition. Not a very good thing, I think…!! (Where did my wanderlust go. Where did my natural instinct to xplore and be around strangers go. I don’t think this is normal me behavior.) (Especially since everything’s been really out of the ordinary lately. Not sure what to do about that, but I’ll see if I can keep one normal thing up..) (I’m going to try leaving the house next time. Being inside for too long isn’t good for me. c|x()

Umm anyway. I don’t have a lot else to type about. Just wanted to try making a DIARY entry to keep myself in a routine (and to make sure that I still know how to write these things). I’m thinking of finally coding some of those WIP pages/crossed out linx, but since I’m still pretty busy it might not work out for now… Well. We’ll see ! We will see. c|:”)

I’m almost done writing that one fic (as in, I finally got past the part I was stuck on…) which is a relief. The dialogue is a bit messy, and I have to edit how I wrote some of the axions, but I’ll take it. Any kind of progress is good progress to me. c|:)

Before this entry, I didn’t really. Put any of my thoughts into axual words, so this entire entry felt very awkward to write… And also feels very awkward to read (is it the wording? Lack of transitional words? The fact that I care about that in the first place?? I am losing it over here!). Giving myself a pass, anyway. I’ll get back to feeling normal soon.. (Or at least get to learning how to cope with this. Whatever this is. Can’t xplain. Life’s been kicking both my ass, and my braincells. c|:””()

Either way, thank you for sticking around to read this, and I hope to see you again next entry. c|:)

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1/4/2023 10:24 PM

Hello April! I don’t have any funny jokes or pranks to make today, just please be kind to me. I think I will need it. c|:”) (Xtending this to all of my younger family members as well.. I am so scared of everything and those who we live with. Hoping that we can keep hanging in there.)

There’s a Mass Click Weekend happening today, but I don’t think I’ll try to participate this time. Too tired. I did get my albino Turtwig evovled, today, though! Congratulations, Turtwig Torterra!! ^^ (I’ll give him an axual name one day.. Today is not that day.)

Started to miss playing my violin now, too. c|:( I really want to learn more, so I can try playing some UTDR soundtrax (Dummy!, Berdly, and maybe Hopes And Dreams) on it, but I just can’t seem to fix that godforsaken E string.. (The fucker keeps on!! Snapping!!!) (E strings hate to be tuned and played properly. E strings want me gone. c|x”() I’m not sure if I’ve tuned any of the strings right, either. I don’t have anyone in real life to teach me, and videos are way too unreliable….. Oh well. c|:(

I’m nearly done with the Tavros shrine’s new layout (just need to make the drawings, and fill in the content stuffs) so at least I’ve got that going for me. c|:) I’ve also managed to make it completely responsive! Without the use of an SVG map! Nice. Laziness really does win. c|x) (Kidding.. I had to learn how the visibility property worx and how it interax with other things in the layout to do that… Was a very easy alternative though! I do not regret it.)

I got a new ring today aswell, but I’m not sure if it’s axually mine or if my family is just letting me borrow. Might have to ask!! Either way, it’s still very nice. c|:) (It’s tricolored!!) I got to try out wearing an anklet a few days ago, but had to give it back. Not too sad about that one, since I felt like it would get stuck on something.. Wouldn’t like that at all. >> (Especially since I’ve been more clumsy recently. I knocked an entire plate of rice over a few days ago, all because I was trying to get the spoon and fork from it..) (I don’t do that, that usually doesn’t happen with me.. c|:()

Anyway. That is all. Would write more but I think I am going to lose it any second now. Will Wood really was right. Everything is a lot… c|x”””(

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24/3/2023 10:06 PM

Still very, very tired, but I’m getting better, I think. I sketched out a quick Tavros drawing a few minutes earlier so I’m much more motivated now. Comfort characters are heaven-sent gifts to the world, I’m pretty sure. ^^ (Literally. I think of one idea involving any of my favorite characters, and suddenly productivity rates increase by 90%. What.) (Not that I’m complaining though!! I can always use the energy. c|:3)

I didn’t do shit today, honestly… I did like.. two homeworx and that was it (planning to change that right now, thank you Tavros Nitram). I slept for half of the day. Yeah. Yesterday took a toll on me. >> Was very worth it though, I didn’t wake up with bad thoughts, and just happily goofed off for most of the afternoon. Yay. c|:)

I don’t have any new ideas for designs (work stuff, yet again), so I think I’ll just recycle some old ones I have.. Might go with the butterfly themed outfits, since it’s spring, and they seem the most interesting of them all. It’ll take me so long though. I’ll deal. c|x’( (Six outfits in total if I remember right.. Hoping that I get them finished in time.) (I’m planning to start using my own money to pay for website stuff soon too, so I should probably get ads running more often.. c|:T)

Going to try working on two reports at once as I type this. Both are months overdue. But that doesn’t matter, I’ll get them done anyway!! c|>x”| (My grades depend on it..)

4/13 will also be coming up pretty soon (very xcited for it c|x)), so I need to plan something out for that too. I have a pretty packed (mental) schedule! Damn! Kind of happy about it, though. As long as I’m not rushed into finishing anything too quickly, I like being kept busy. c|:)

Not too xcited about the WYSiWYG page, though.. I think I may need to redraw all of the references and background. And maybe some parts of the setting. It was all pretty rushed and it’s not good to look at… I will start reworking it later. ^^

Will also be getting another pretty (it’s a flower!) ring for my birthday (which is months away, but again, I am very xcited..), so I’m going to try to hang in there long enough to see that happen. And also to see other things happen. I don’t think I’m going to give up anytime soon. c|:)

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23/3/2023 9:38 PM

Skipped a few entries since I was going through some stuff (and still kind of am). The bad kind of stuff this time. c|:( But I’ll keep going, I still have a lot of things left to do. Like maintaining this website! And also finishing that fic. And work. And homework. Agh. c|x”( (I am planning to go to Italy, or travel more one day though. Looking very forward to that. I need to get the hell out of here..)

I am very fucking tired, but I’ll make do. Updates may come slower for a bit since I’m pretty sure I’m xperiencing some kind of man-made psychological hell. May because I almost never stick to my word and coding is my favorite thing to do. Yeahp.

I’m thinking of getting back into writing poetry again, or just anything that’ll keep me grounded for the next few weex or so. Very important that I don’t lose my grip on reality and months of development (not sure if that’s the right word but I do not care c|:(). >> I also really miss baking, or at least helping others out with it. I made a lot of good bread and pancakes… (They were so fluffy and good!!! c|x”0)

My wound (the huge cut I got from the goddamn lettuce) has healed too, which is nice. c|:) Left a scar on my finger though. Kind of loox and is cool if you think about it enough..

Aside from those, the new Tavros shrine is going nicely! As in I figured out how image maps worked and how to mix them with tabs. Nice. c|x) (Shout out to W3Schools!! I can’t write in javascript for the life of me.) I still have art to do (literally the main focus of the shrine) but I’m happy with it right now. c|:3 I don’t know how I’ll manage with having to deal with the coordinates but I’ll do it… (Will probably focus on the content first to make my life easier.)

I’m going to try free up some of my laptop’s storage later, because Firefox is starting to crash a lot, and I have way more important files to store.

That’s all for now. I’m still feeling really, really tired, but I’ll be over it soon. (I’ll probably take a shower or something.. Probably tomorrow though.) c|:)

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19/3/2023 9:45 PM

Hello again world!! Haven’t written in here for a while.. I was going through some stuff. (Mostly just me trying to get myself motivated to do anything, nothing too serious. c|:)) And also because I didn’t have anything to write about! Again ! c|x”| I did get a new ring two days ago though! It’s very, very pretty. Will try to update the trinket box with it later on. c|:)

I also finished reading Homestuck today!! I think I need a few days to properly process it, so for now, I think I’ll just say that it was pretty cool. c|:) (Especially the music and transitions.. But Homestuck has always been pretty good at that.)

Not a lot else to say, just really glad that I took my time reading it, and that it impacted my views regarding the internet/media in general quite a bit! c|:d (Of course there were other factors contributing to that, but reading Homestuck helped me learn how to detach myself from stories and narratives much, much more, if that makes sense..) (I don’t think I regret it! c|:)) (I don’t really know what happened to Tavros at the end, though. Might need to read a bit of the epilogues and Homestuck^2 for that. Hope he’s doing well! Same goes for Aradia and Nepeta.)

I’m writing a quick something related to it (Tavros-centric, of course), so I think that’ll help me properly formulate my opinion on everything that happened. Hoping that I didn’t jinx that as I type. I need to axually finish this oneshot for once, or I am going to lose it. c|x( (Dialogue’s looking very good at the moment! Even though I may fuck it up. Please, me, do not fuck it up.. c|:()

I think I’ve become a slightly better person due to Homestuck, or at least due to my xperience of reading it… Sounds and loox very stupid when I type it, but it’s somewhat true! c|:) Can’t xplain how though. I guess I just became more tolerant after it. (Very proud of myself. Infinity pats on the back for me.. I deserve it.)

Other than all of that! I’m planning to work on more WYSiWYG stuff later (I have so many descriptions to write…). And also cut my finger on lettuce(?!) today. Vegetables hate me and want me dead. See you next entry!! c|x)

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14/3/2023 10:04 PM

Wow! What a day! c|:’) Went through many emotions way too fast today. Still kind of processing it all, so I may not be coherent enough this entry.

Anyway! Just updated the site’s entire layout today. It’s very blue and square-y. Just how I like it. c|:) And also loox decently tolerable on my own tablet! Fuck yeahh! c|x) I still have a lot of stuff to iron out (mostly regarding how big/small things are on different browsers and devices) but I’m satisfied with how it is right now. c|:) (Especially with the brand new modal on the GALLERY page.. It’s just how I want it to be! c|x))

I’m going to try making the trinket box page more responsive next, since it’s an absolute pain to go through on mobile. As for the Tavros shrine, I think I’m just going to try remaking it completely.. I have far, far better plans for it! (I’d talk more about it but I don’t wanna spoil the surprise or jinx it.. All I can say is that I’ll be using more of my own art!)

Other than site stuff, I tried out origami today! I fucking suck at it and frankly, today was a bad time for a first time attempt at it. I will not be doing it ever again, unless necessary. c|:) (I did not xpect to be doing origami while crying today!! Horrible, horriible surprise!!)

It is very cool though! I just don’t have the hands (I am horrible at folding) nor time for it. c|:”)

I’ve also been watching a lot of video essays lately, and it’s making me think of becoming an essayist.. Not sure if I’ll try that out anytime soon, but it’s very fun to think about! ^^

I think I’ll end this entry here now, because it’s making me procrastinate on some things I really can’t procrastinate on. Before I do, though, look at the albinos I hatched today! Aren’t they just the sweetest? c|x)

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12/3/2023 10:03 PM

Tried to pick up some BBcode today!! I’m only familiar with HTML and CSS so it was fun. ^^ (Despite BBcode being kind of the xact same.. I am stupid, admittedly !) Making a tiny (Pokefarm) profile using it is a bit harder than I thought, but I think that’s just because I don’t have full control over everything this time. “>> (The About Me sexion is too thin!! But I will deal. c|:) As long as I can get at least one Tavros image on it.)

Currently have 122 points for this month’s Type Race, wish it was more, but the lab’s being a bitch and I ran out of both Daycare and Shelter adoptions.. c|:””/ At least the Supplier hasn’t forsaken me yet. (My credits are though!!! c|x””()

Work on the new layout has been going well! (I made one image of me in the Hussnasty art style.. It’s a very good image, I think! Drew it myself. c|x)) Should be done coding the ABOUT page sometime tonight, then I’ll start working on the GALLERY page next. I’ll rework the subpages last (to make them more responsive) for the sake of my sanity, and also priority !

I’ve axually had a bit of a stressful day today, but coding always helps me not to get too stuck on it, so I think I’m okay. c|:) (I think I’ve just been really emotional this entire month. Which isn’t much of a surprise, but I wish I could tone it down a bit. I’ve been on the brink of tears, and have shed some too many times already, and I don’t xactly want more. c|:”T)

Anyway I just got a Grass type egg fucking finally!!! And my egg order’s ready too!! Fuck yeah!!! c|>x0 The emotional turmoil was worth it. I get to increase my Type Race score !! c|>:””D Gonna end this entry so I can get to hatching, see you next time!

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10/3/2023 10:38 PM

I got bested by an onion(s) today. God forbid I arrange the vegetables like a normal not-bleeding human being. God forbid. c|:”( (It!! Cut me!! Right on the finger!! While I was putting it where it was meant to be!!) (So mean.. So rude.. Didn’t help that it was a red onion either. I thought it was just juices or something. But then I rinsed my finger and realized that it was axually blood. So not cool. c|x””() (I’m okay now, though. Since I immediately doused that wound with alcohol and a bandaid. c|:)) (Don’t put alcohol on wounds by the way!!! Only did that because it was the closest option. But it is not a good option..)

Anyway! c|:D New artwork today!! Have a lot of thoughts about this one. c|:) Most of which are: “AHGHGHGH TAVROS AHHGHG COMFORT CHARACTER AIHBVEFSJKFS” and “Ohhoohoho. Filters are good for my drawings.” But also some stuff regarding how I drew him! Was very happy about how angry I made him look and how glowy everything was. Mostly happy about the angry thing though. c|:’) (It’s the catharsis I think. And also how better I got at drawing xpressions! Really fun.) Not too proud about the lower part of the drawing though.. I think I messed it up when I started adding blur filters to it. c|:”T Might just resort to bloom for dream related stuff next time.

Didn’t work on the website for a tiny bit (two days) since I decided to be a liar and started working on a brand new layout. I was feeling really anxious and coding was the only thing that could stop it, unfortunately. c|x””( At least I get a new layout from it! c|:D (My other motivation was that the GALLERY page is a bit broken regarding the images, which isn’t really noticeable, but it is to me. c|x( (May or may not make a quick temporary fix after finishing this entry. I think I’ll just use another grid-container..)

Also got to go outside before this!! I think I already said this, but it was really nice to get out. c|:) Didn’t go to a lot of places (only bought stuff and ate at a restaurant) but I don’t mind. Just felt happy about walking around. c|x) (I also got to eat three pizza slices at once!! 'Cause they didn’t have takeout and we were about to leave. Kind of a funny xperience to me!)

Will try my best to get the new layout finished as soon as possible. I axually made it responsive this time! c|:0

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7/3/2023 10:02 PM

Getting ready for this month’s Type Race again, this time I’m on team Bloom Doom (Grass type)! c|:D Planning to hatch whatever Grass type egg I come across, but also may hunt Rose Gift Honedges… (It’ll be so fucking hard but I will do it.. I really really want to see and have my very own shiny/albino Rose Gift Doublade..!! c|x’0)

Didn’t make an entry or update twohundredtwentytwo yesterday because. I spent 90% of my time reading fanfixion and writing my own. Whoops !! c|x””) And I was also very very sleepy.. Couldn’t do anything about it.. (I kind of still am! It’s a miracle I got myself to start writing this one!!! “^^) (Thankfully I already took a very long nap so I won’t have to worry much about that. c|:) Which means I will be staying up once again. Maybe even later than I often do.) (My immune system hates me for this I think.)

I’ve been thinking of cooler ideas to code/draw lately, too, which is neat. c|:) I can’t code those ideas for shit, though.. Mostly because of skill reasons but also because of those ideas not being responsive whatsoever!! Fuck! c|>:””D I’ll find out a way, though… Tavros deserves a better shrine, and my website in general deserves better CSS.. c|x”T (And probably a better layout too…. Not responsive enough for my tastes. Not enough Tavroses randomly decorating the website either..) (Won’t do that now though!! I am simply too tired. Maybe later in the year.. vv)

Also pretty sure that I dreamt about Homestuck today. I can’t remember what it was about, but Homestuck was definitely involved. Not xactly sure what that means for me ! (Happened yesterday too I think?? Involved Feferi and Tavros. They were playing Minecraft! c|:d) (They were very unbothered and relaxed. I am so happy for them. c|:))

Before I end this entry, please do feed this guy! He deserves all of the berries he can get. c|:)

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4/3/2023 11:05 PM

Got my nails painted today!! c|x) They’re light pink now, and they match my rings quite well! c|:0 (Casually ignoring that one of my nails are already chipped. Yep. Yeah.) (..I subconsciously ran it over my teeth and only realized when I felt dried nail polish in my mouth. Eugh. Made me really sad, too..) (Whatever. I’m okay with it now. ’S all cool. c|:)) Thought that the color wouldn’t match my skin tone at first, but it’s axually looking very nice! Kind of feel like a princess. 3|x) (Tiara hat..? What do we think?)

Didn’t do anything (xaggeration, I did like. 2 homeworx, and a lot of coding. But that’s it) today, but I don’t care, I am too pretty for that, I’ve decided. c|x) I do wish that I went outside today, though. Like always. Even though I don’t know where to go.. I just wanna get out! Let me out!! c|x”( (A princess trapped in a tower said that once, probably.) I could always go to a restaurant I like, but it seems too simple.. I want whenever I go outside to be more adventurous than that, since I rarely go out anyways… (Might try tagging along the next time my family goes out to buy jewelry and the like, axually! Just hoping that I won’t be busy during that.. c|:”T)

Umm so.. I don’t have a lot else to say. I only wanted to brag about how pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/etc. I feel right now. c|x”) I probably should’ve worked on something I was already working on, but instead I started something else completely new. (Ring collexion thing.) But oh well ! Not my problem anymore! I already coded this entire page and most likely will get it out tomorrow if I feel like writing the content that’s supposed to be on it! What else am I to do! (It’s really cute, too! I added lace and plaid on it…. c|x3c) (Brought myself back to my roots while coding it, I think. Which was nice.) (I don’t think I ever really grew out of my “Obsessed with lace and ribbons” phase. Good for me! ^^)

I’m starting to think that clip-paths are like the devil to me, too. Always driving me into temptation. Can’t stop using them on my pages. Even if they’re nothing but a pain in the ass. c|>x”( At least they look good.

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3/3/2023 10:41 PM

Planning to take things easy (easier than I usually do..) for now. Because I’m on vacation!! I think! c|:D I’ll still have to do schoolwork (I am going to pass this damn school year whether I like it or not..) but I won’t worry as much.

Still not sure what to write for this entry.. I’ve been thinking a lot today, but I just can’t seem to focus on one for the life of me. @@ It was mostly stuff regarding identity (and reminiscing on times where I got that stuff completely wrong !) and what else to do (in general) now. Especially since I’m just winging pretty much everything that comes in my way.. I’ll figure it out, probably!

What I do know is that I might start a ring collexion (if that’s what it’s called..) page sometime next week! c|:) Just for funsies, and also since I am very enamored with them! I think that jewelry is a pretty good way to xpress oneself, and I am all for that. c|:d Even if it’s really xpensive sometimes. c|x’| (And also because I think I might be getting new ones soon!! And I’m really xcited because the ones I got to pick out were really pretty!!!) (Wish I could’ve picked out one with at least fake gems on it, though.. But a family member said that they might fall off so.. No sparkly-ier jewelry for me, I guess. c|:”()

Anyway! Aside from that! I’m nearly done with the new What You See is What You Get page!! I mean, I still have a lot left to write and type and draw, but most of the foundational things are there! And I think that’ll be good enough. That being when I finally finish coloring these redesigns. Agh. c|x”””T (The brainstorming parts were really fun, though! Two of the new characters are destructive classes, and I liked implementing those into their characters. While, of course, not making them as murderous as their classes make them sound. c|:’)) (All of it made me think about a character’s vocabulary, mannerisms, and the such, too. Pretty interesting! c|x))

I think I just repeated a lot of phrases and didn’t axually say as much as I wanted to and am just realizing that now.. But my brain’s all over the place, and I’ve been weirdly nervous for like.. 65% of today so I think I deserve a pass. (Giving myself a pass right now. Self-validation. Hell yes! c|x0) See you guys next entry, where I’ll hopefully be less out of it. c|:3

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1/3/2023 10:19 PM

It’s the first of March, and I am finally a free (of schoolwork) man!! c|:’D Somewhat. I still have a few things to do. Oh well. c|:”) (I forgot. That February didn’t have 30 days.) (Really fucked me up like two days ago. Did not know what I was going to do until I was offered an xtension.) (Shout out to whoever did that. You’re a real one! c|x))

Finally ended my art block today!! c|:D (Was axually a few days ago, but just confirmed that now..) By drawing a pixure of Nepeta wearing a really cute outfit, which you can view in the gallery! Probably would’ve finished her on 3/3/2023 instead (:33.. Arsenic) but I got too xcited. c|:’) Haven’t really ended my writer’s block, though. So the Library sexion will be empty for a pretty long while. c|x”( Same goes for the other sexions. c|x””T

Work on the Preset Conditions What You See is What You Get (finally renamed it) page will take long too, since I have characters to redesign and new ones to draw. (One of them is a Mayor descendant… c|:0c Or should be. If I don’t rewrite stuff again. >>) But it’s okay, I can take my time. c|:) I have a lot of ideas I want to share with you all, and I wanna make sure that I have (most of) them polished before I show ‘em off. c|:3

That’s it for now.. Entries are getting shorter, I know… c|:””3 I just haven’t gone out yet so I don’t have a lot to talk about. Maybe next week ! Hopefully next week !

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24/2/2023 10:21 PM

Axual Feb 24 entry this time! Since I’m feeling a lot more better and therefore more eligible to write something and have it on the internet. c|:’) (So sorry if you saw the first version of this entry. Wrote it while panicking and it was not fun to read through at all !) I still don’t completely feel like myself, but everything’s okay now (including me), I’m pretty sure! c|:D (Did some quick work on a page earlier this morning, and it cheered me up a lot.)

Anyway. Nothing really happened today, again. Nor did I do anything. But again, it is a Friday, so I think I can be xcused for being slightly lazy! c|:) I deserve it. I’m almost done redesigning the Preset Conditions/whatever I’ll rename it to cast and oh my god they look so much cooler!!! (I just changed a few things, but oh my god?? They look waaay cooler to me now..) (They also look a bit more meaner! Xactly what I was going for! c|:D) I’m also going to be changing up some concepts, and it’ll be very fun to write, so I’m very much looking forward to it. c|:)

Still think I won’t be able to update the website as much, ‘cause I’ll have to focus on other life stuff for a while, but I’ll try to work on it in my very tiny free time. c|:) Even if it’s like. Adding a singular graphic. c|:”) (All of this means a lot to me, so I’ll try to not lose any passion for it while I’m busy. c|:d)

Thinking of replaying Deltarune soon, too.. Wanna see if I can still beat Jevil. He has very fun bullet patterns! c|x)

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20/2/2023 11:17 PM

Feeling a lot more better now! Lots more coherent too, since I axuallly took medicine today. Still a bit dizzy if I stand up for too long, but it’s more tolerable. c|:)

Kind of on a really tight deadline at the time of writing this, and am still recovering from being sick, so I might take a while in updating the website. Or just in doing anything in general. Unfortunately. c|:”””) (I also wanna go outside sometime this week, so that’s even more space on my non-xistent schedule taken..) (I am a very busy woman! c|x))

Haven’t been indulging in my own interests lately, but that’s more my fault than anyone else’s… c|:”| (Characters make me feel emotions. Very strong ones. Too often. I am working on that…) I did start watching something new though! c|:D Might even finish it while typing this. c|:) (Only 10 episodes… Weeping.) (Hoping there’ll be a spin-off of sorts one day.. I need more content.)

It’s called My Dad the Bounty Hunter, and I think it’s pretty good! Involves a lot of alien, space, and tech-related stuff, and also family issues ! Won’t be talking too much about it, since spoilers, so you’ll just have to watch it yourself. c|:) (Also! In case this may be something folx don’t like to watch at all, it has some hints to fantasy racism and slavery I’m pretty sure. Also some violence. Both aren’t so realistic/graphic, but still.) (Just a heads up!)

I really do love the characters, they’re very charming! c|:D Especially one of the robots in one of the earlier episodes though. Miss them. A lot. (KARLLLL!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO KARL!!!!! c|>x”””0) Still grieving.. c|:”””) (Fucking miss KARL…)

So like. That’s it. c|:) I have some homework left to catch up on and I need to prepare stuff for tomorrow. See you next entry!! c|:D

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19/2/2023 8:31 PM

My body is very tired of me at the moment (see; I am sick) but too bad I am going to write this entry anyway…

So! Hi! Hello! Haven’t written on here for a while now!! I have not gone outside at all today! Not even to go downstairs ! Which probably is somewhat concerning or bad for me but it’s okay, I’m still kicking!!! c|>:”D Plus I’m pretty sure that if I went downstairs many hours earlier I think I would’ve passed out… Cannot do shit in this vessel ‘o mine…. Too fucking weak…. Got too cold once and now my own body’s trying to kill me….. c|:”T

I also don’t know if what I’m typing is making any sort of sense. I remember that I was rambling something to my family member earlier and she told me that I sounded like I was talking nonsense, so that may still be happening. Which is pretty cool I think. Nonsense ftw! c|x)

Also probably shouldn’t be eating sweets right now but here I am. (It is like.. a donut I think. Tiny one with caramel.) (Was going to take a pixure but I just ate the last one. Oops. I have zero autonomy over my body.) (Zero autonomy over my anatomy. Yeahp) I do not care if I get even more sick later, I will take it like the fucking man I am. ’Tis but a scratch or whatever. Hell yes. c|:)

Didn’t get shit done today xcept for being bedridden and needing to be sent to the seaside for recovery. Kept on taking naps from how tired I was. I am somewhat more okay now though! Because I can axually type on my laptop without wanting to lay down. Or doing anything without wanting to lay down. Yay. c|:D

Finally watched Aggretsuko season 4 while being bedridden, too. I don’t have a lot to say it was a pretty good season. Haida is stilla. loser though. Juts like meee. #Win.

Oh and I also got my tongue burnt today. Important event to note incase I wonder why my mouth’s being such an asshole later. That’s all. c|:) Thanx for reading. I am going to go pass out again now. GOodbye

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16/2/2023 9:29 PM

I don’t have a lot to write for today.. Because, again, I did not do much ! c|x’| Just did some homework, nearly finished my Tavros shrine, and made some progress in the Type Race. c|:’/

Wish I could say that I made some progress on drawing stuff, but then I’d be lying! c|:’3 Got too caught up in studying and.. Problems to finish anything I’ve started before this week. Aghhgh. c|x”( It was fun to start coding something new again, though! Might make more shrines after I polish this one. c|:)

I’m thinking about recoding the Preset Conditions page as well.. Like completely. Remove the CSS file and recode it mostly by my own (shout out to W3schools). Sounds a bit scary since I have a lot on that page, but I have something in mind for it’s new layout so it shouldn’t be too hard! c|:d I’ll also be taking a bit of inspiration from OMORI for it’s story because writing something without life-or-death situations is hard!! c|x””( (At least for me.) (I am. Not a very good writer. Yet.)

Also going to start coding the GALLERY page soon, too. Maybe tomorrow morning if I have the time…

As of 10:28 PM, my quiz has suddenly locked me out and submitted itself while I was still answering. I am very angry. I think I am going to fucking kill someone. Fucking R4FECDVJNWDSAKP'XOGERDFIOS[C. Bullshit xcuse of a studying website I'm going to xplode everrything in my path.

Hi. Hello. 10:40 PM update here. FUckign spider showed up in the bathroom when I was going to brush my teeth. Killed with water it out of shock. Hope everyone whose ever wronged me dies and goes to Hell. Please and thank you (not really) Universe.

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15/2/2023 9:20 PM

I don’t update my website for a day and I get a horrible dream in return. Not very fun ! ! c|:”) To put it simply, guy/gal who sent me death threats sent me another one (in dream) after a year of not doing so. (Their death threats are. Very graphic. And specific.) But! The thing is! I don’t think the death-threat-sender ever xisted in the first place! c|x””T (I checked my old messages and saw nothing of the sort. Which might’ve just been me deleting them but I don’t. Remember doing that at all?!)

I tend to forget things very very easily and mix things up with past dreams, so I don’t know if this is just a reoccuring dream or if they’re axually real. Fucking freaky… c|x”””( (I would also xpand more on this mysterious person just to vent but like! They might be real! I don’t want them finding and/or contacting me ever again! So like! Hahahaha!!! c|:”))

Other than that, the rest of the dream was pretty good. c|:) I talked to a dream version of my friend (BFF BFF hello once again BFF if you are seeing this happy Valentines) and everything was alright for those few seconds. c|:) 10/10 (rating was saved by miraculous appearance of BFF), would go through again! ^^

Anyways! I got my first ever albino pokemon today!! c|:D Named her after my favorite ice cream flavor. Please do look at her. c|x) (And give her a snack too, while you’re at it!! c|:0)

I think I hatched her a few many minutes (maybe 30) after I logged in so it was a really nice surprise! c|x) Caught me off guard though. Took me a few seconds to process. >>

I also started working on my first shrine today! It’s about Tavros. Yeah. Obviously. “>> First ever shrine goes to a character I got attached to recently instead of my lifelong guide (Undertale). Yeah. ^^” I’ll start working on that next though! If I have the time !

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12/2/2023 10:31 PM

Did almost nothing today. Whoops ! c|x’) I did get started on the Type Race though, and am currently at 135 points!! c|:D Pretty neat, if I do say so myself. c|:) (Going very slow though… It has been a very lazy day for me..)

I think I’m getting back into Flipline Studio games again (the Papa’s ___eria games specifically) since I finally loaded my scooperia save file and completed a few (very laggy!!) days before having to turn my laptop off from how warm it was getting. Knew that would happen but couldn’t help myself, they’re really good games! c|:) (They are basically why I have a mini-parade on this site’s HOME page too! Always was too long to watch in one sitting, for me at least, but was very charming. c|:D)

I also checked their website a few hours ago, and it seems they’re still up and running!! Hopefully they still have swf file downloads of the rest of their games up. As I hold these games to my heart very, very dearly. c|:3 (Might even dedicate a shrine to it, if I find out what to write! c|:0)

About writing.. I haven’t done anything even slightly related to it today!! c|:”””) Maybe xcept for me doodling quick silhouettes of Preset Conditions Feferi, Nepeta, and Jade.. But that’s it. Nothing else has been done. I have just been sitting here, waiting for inspiration to strike the entire day. c|x”T It’s okay though!! It’s a weekend, after all, and I need to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable wrecking force that is Monday. c|:)

So! That’s all for now!! I swear I had more ideas on what to write a few hours ago, but now I’m just drawing a complete blank.. I’ll make up for it soon. Probably. If I feel like it. “^^

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11/2/2023 10:17 PM

Wow!! Long time no entry!! Very very sorry about that! c|x’| Got caught up in work and updating the site’s layout, and since I lead a mostly uneventful life I haven’t had much to write or think about lately.. c|:”( I have been getting a lot done, though! c|:D

One of those things getting done being: Writing!! Well, not axually writing to my standards— But it’s planning for writing! Outlining stuff! c|:’) I’ve been assigning roles and thinking about plot stuff for Preset Conditions and everything’s going nicely so far! c|:) So far. c|:’) All of it’s going to take a lot of thinking (especially since everyone’s alive and therefore essential sprites/events would have to be replaced by something else or removed entirely—) but I’m going to try to take it slow! It’s all for fun and for no one else but me, after all. Nothing’s pressuring me unless I pressure myself, which I will avoid unless it’s necessary. c|:)

I’m also really xcited to design the rest of the characters! Most notably:

- Pelivy’s ancestor (if I am going to make them relevant)
- Feferi and Nepeta (the height difference will be very funny)
- Terezi and the rest of the royal court (I’m going to give them uniforms!!)
- and of course, the Maryam-Lalondes (still need to think about how their kid’ll look like… Maybe like Jeffory regardng the half-human half-troll thing). c|:)

I would’ve put Dave and Tavros on that list, but I already had designs for them before Preset Conditions, of which I have now deemed inadequate, and therefore redesigning them will be anything but fun. c|:””) Such is the life of an artist, I suppose. c|x’T

This month’s Type Race starts tomorrow, too! And as I’ve said many, many times before, I’m really xcited! c|:D It’s really fun to see so many folx work toward the same goal, no matter how important or otherwise it is. But you know, with how emotional I feel about everything, that might just be me. >>

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7/2/2023 9:58 PM

Guess who finally went outside today!! And also did a tiny bit of work on designing! That’s right. Me. And I am very happy about that. c|:)

I went with my family to eat in a restaurant (got some lasagna, it was very good!) and to get more jewelry, but all of the good pawn shops were closed before we could get any.. c|:””( I did see a very nice-looking moon and sun/star ring at the first one we visited though! (It was too xpensive. Couldn’t have gotten it either way.) (c|x”””( Maybe one day…)

Did a lot of walking too! It absolutely killed me and my feet (despite my use of sox..) again, but it was fun to be around people and walk around wearing my new favorite pair of pants. c|:) (It has!!! Pockets!!!!! And it’s square!!!! And also technically pajamas but who cares!!!) The sky was very pretty too! Very heavenly. 0c|:) (Me with a halo. c|x))

I’m going to start coding the revamped HOME and ABOUT pages right after this update (or tomorrow morning if I can’t bare to for whatever reason..) but I just don’t have any layout ideas.. (One of the cons of moving to Firefox is my lack of a trusted Lightshot xtension… I cannot fucking doodle nor brainstorm ! c|x() I’m going to make something up, though, whether I like it or not. I need my goddamn adopted pets page (linked on the ABOUT page) by the end of the month or I may just lose it. c|>:””( (Not my fault the virtual adoptable cats look so cute! Not my fault that they deserve a page specifically dedicated to them! Not my fault at all!)

I’m also planning to make myself a pagedoll (like a fully humanoid one) (not the stickmen! I love them but they’re not totally me), but that has to come after the page revamping or I might overwork myself..

I’ve been talking to my bestest friend (ever, in the entire world, universe, and if xistent, the alternate versions of it) recently, AKA the only person I ever talk to outside of my family, so if you notice a change of mannerisms (in a positive way), that’s probably why. c|:) (Hi bestest friend if you are by some chance reading this!! You know who you are. c|x)) (Haii hi hi hello hiii. c|x3 Like that computer cat meme. Very great meme, 10/10 would recommend!)

If none of you started applauding the moment you read me mention them, then I am going to blow this entire site up.

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6/2/2023 11:25 PM

I joined my first clique today (Aromatic)!! By which I mean I got added to the members list. Still very xcited and happy about it though. ^^ (I take my firsts very seriously. Very emotionally too.) (So it’s very easy to imagine my face when I saw that some of the folx I linked link me back.) (I was near tears. Happy ones! I got over it before I could shed any, though. Thankfully. >>)

(Friendly reminder to click the site buttons back on the HOME page if you haven’t already. c|:) They are very cool sites!)

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say about today.. Just did some homework, websurfed, and internally lost it for a bit. (My grandma. To say the least. Is not a fun person to be around.) And as of now, I’m still working on the very incomplete Preset Conditions page. Not a lot of progress on anything has been made, unfortunately. c|:”( I’m also planning to revamp some pages so things that I haven’t finished yet might be on hold for a while.. It will be very worth it though. c|:)

About pages.. I’m thinking of making an articles page but I’m not sure what I would write in it other than my (currently drafted and not edited at ALL) poor xcuse of a quick how-to on internet and digital privacy. Especially when I’m still very much learning about the topix mentioned. I may have the heart but I do not have the mind ! ! ! ! c|x”( (I’m going to do more research before I write then show any of that stuff.. I don’t want other people getting in trouble or anything else bad because of me. c|:”D)

Anyway that’s all for now! I have lots of OC and worldbuilding stuff in this mind of mine, but those are for their respective pages. Since I don’t know what else to put here, thank you for reading me ramble. ^^

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4/2/2023 11:11 PM (Make a wish! c|:D)

I know I never really mentioned it here, but I quit Twitter! c|:D Or at least have gone around 24 hours without axually using it. And it has been a very good 24 hours. ^^ Mostly because I was inactive on there anyway, but also because of privacy! (They, Twitter, knew my fucking location on there, man.. I do not like that……) (Also just deactivated my account while typing this. Hell yeah!)

Made a ton of progress on the Preset Conditions (OC universe that I kept on mentioning but. Not naming for some reason??) page too. I should be able to have it up sometime next week. c|:d Maybe around Monday, if I don’t get stuck writing one thing for too long. (Or getting stuck on it in general. I’m still getting used to this “being more vocal about my creations and ideas” thing..) I also want to try replacing more already-made/edited graphix with my own. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to doing that, but it’s on my (mental) to-do list! c|:”) Along with making the site more colorful. I love the color blue, but a man needs variety (differently colored hues) in his life (handcoded webbed site)…

Also, also, also! (So many alsos… I may need a better word.) I got this pretty ring yesterday! c|:D We were going to use it and the other jewelry we got for something else, but since they were smaller and thinner than xpected, they’re pretty much mine now. c|:3

It’s safe to say that I’ll be wearing it (alongside with another ring I have!) every single day of my life from now on. One day I want to have more though. Just for fun. c|:D (And also because of gender validation reasons…) (Wearing multiple rings is one of the most manliest thing a guy could do, I think.) (They also make clinking sounds when I touch stuff so.. As said by one imaginative Ricky Potts.. Level up ! c|x))

I still do love Ride the Cyclone, even if I haven’t been too loud about it. I just don’t have a lot to say right now, you know? Brain’s empty. Jane Doe’s flying around in there but nothing’s axually happening. c|:””) I did find this channel though! It has rehearsal videos of the cast and a silly little video of Ricky touring the ReVue Stage. c|:) (With Mischa recording, might I add!) (They’re bloggers now… c|:0) I’m not sure if they’re the original cast, but I’m sure some of them are there!

I’ll make a shrine or something like that for it one day, since I have yet to show my full appreciation for it. c|x)

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2/2/2023 11:32 PM

It’s another day, and I’m making very slow progress on the drawing, just as xpected. c|:’) But it’s looking more presentable than it did yesterday, so in the meantime, you may look at this absolute guy of a girl! c|:D (Absolute guy of a girl doesn’t use any pronouns.) (Absolute guy of a girl is named Deicet! Pronounce Deicet’s name however you please. c|:))

(Look at Deicet!!! Isn't Deicet great? c|x))

I’ll get Deicet’s (and everyone else’s) reference sheet and info up soon. Writing is just. Really fucking hard. c|:”T Especially when I’m planning to add world-building stuff in there too. (I have no idea where I’ll put it!!! c|x”() But I’ll figure it out. Might take me a long while though. c|:’)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to talk about my xperience using Neocities so far, and it’s been really great! c|:D It’s really fun to learn about other people by using their websites, even if the layout’s really simple. c|:) I’ve also been reading through many of the informational (? If that’s what they’re called) sites, too. (Like Spyware Watchdog!) (I never really cared about browsers and the like before, but now that I’ve read some of their articles, I’ve started considering changing many of the stuff I use..) I also want to try joining a webring or a clique one day since they seem like a neat way to find other sites. c|:) (I found one relating to scents the other day! Can’t axcess the site anymore though.. Hopefully nothing bad happened. c|x()

I’m very happy with how my site loox right now (it’s very blue…!!! c|:0) so I probably won’t change it for a bit! (Not including adding and switching stuff around.. For I cannot be away from my code editor for too long lest I die, apparently.) For good reasons too since I don’t want to mess around with clip-paths more than I already have!!

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1/2/2023 9:13 PM

As of writing this, I currently don’t feel like a person, or at least a complete one (getting myself together as I type), but I’m pushing through it. c|:) (I do not like the phrase “Who are you?”. But that’s usually just because I keep overthinking/misinterpreting it every single time.) (Very sorry about that. c|x()

Anyway! Hello February!! c|xD Please be kind to everyone this year. It would mean a lot. (Especially to me….) The sunlight today was delightfully bright (I pushed my curtains aside and soon enough, my entire room looked orange!!), and the moon is at last visible from my house. (It was very bright as well.) I wish I could’ve taken a pixure, or at least looked at it longer, but I didn’t want to look stupid to the folx driving by. Maybe one day. c|:’)

I also got my Type Race team assigned today, which is Team Acid Downpour (Poison-typed), so that’s pretty fun. c|:) I have a couple eggs ready to be hatched in advance, and also a breeding pair! Said breeding pair is admittedly horrible, but it’s funxional! And that’s good enough for me. c|:D

Did some OC writing and coding too, today. At the same time. For a universe in the OCS page. It’s very, very hard to do, I’ve learned. c|x”T

Aside from those.. I should really start designing stuff (work-related) for Valentines. Don’t want to be late to the trends if I want to make money, unfortunately.

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30/1/2023 11:10 PM

Got back into Pokéfarm recently! (If you couldn’t tell by my newly updated ABOUT page..) (Please feed my pokemon if you have the time.) Very xcited for the next Type Race, since I didn’t get to properly participate this time. Or the times before that. I’m going to make sure that I axually try this time. ^^” I’m pretty sure that I have enough pokemon to breed eggs (ex? Not sure if I should stylize that) for the next one, so that’ll help a lot. c|:)

Also made some progress regarding the OCS page (by which I mean you can axually axcess it now), and am currently coding a page for one of the universes listed there! Fun. c|:D Having a bit of trouble with the layout, probably because I removed the sidebars and created a brand new CSS file (file organizing is hell!!! c|x””() but I’ll deal. If I can’t I’ll just vent about it here or something. @_@

Anyway, I had an alright day today, again. c|:’) Stayed inside, the usual. Wish I went outside this time though, I really want to do some shopping (for clothes.. Huge fan of xperimenting with fashion) but we’re going to have to save money for the next few weex so I can’t do much about it.. c|:”| In the meantime, I’m going to search things on shopping sites and desperately put them on my wishlist. Praying to whatever god is out there that they don’t get sold out the moment I can buy them. c|x”””( (The blouses I wanted got sold out this month… Still grieving.) (They had frills on them!!)

Made a bit of progress with the drawing I mentioned in a previous entry. c|:) It’s looking really good so far! Might skip the xtra sketching part (usually I do a quick sketch of the poses and silhouette and refine them on another layer) and right to the lineart to make my life easier. Considering how long I take on making art in general, it’s sounding like a very good idea !

Seeing how much I just wrote, I am now only thinking about moving all of my DIARY entries to a different file. It’s starting to get very hard to edit this one. I should’ve thought about this harder. “>>

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28/1/2023 10:32 PM

So like. I got nothing done today. c|:’) (Not a single piece of homework.. not even a stroke of lineart..) (In my defense, my iPad was at 3%, so I wouldn’t be able to draw much either way..) (I have no xcuse for the homework one. That’s my fault.)

Other than that, today’s been decent, like usual! Just stayed inside and ate snax while web surfing and watching Ride the Cyclone videos. Speaking of, have I ever told you guys how much I fucking love Ride the Cyclone? c|x)

The songs are so damn good and the characters are so interesting!! (Jane Doe, Jane Doe, shout out to Jane Doe!!) But that might just be me, since I’m pretty sure I’ve said that about every other musical I’ve listened to before. ^^”

Last midnight (like. Around 1-3 AM.) I browsed Youtube, looking for whatever Ride the Cyclone content I could get my hands on, and boy, did I find a lot!! Most notably this (includes a quick summary of the musical, an interview, and a very catchy cut variation of Uranium Suite c|x)), this (2013 performance of Tragic Fact, which is an early version of Uranium Suite I think, or at least a very early opening number. The lyrix are very different!), and this! (performance of Waiting for the Drop, another opening number. Loox like it’s not the complete thing though, judging from the sudden cut-away..) There’s also a bunch more, but I don’t think I’m allowed to share those. c|:”D

It’s a decently old musical, but the official World Premiere Cast Recording only came out two years ago!! The many cut but recorded parts just make me love the musical (and the entire trilogy so far itself) even more. c|:) (Especially Legoland..) (There’s only one recording of it out there, though. Maybe two if we’re lucky. c|x””()

Anyway. That’s pretty much it for now. c|:) I used this entry to ramble about Ride the Cyclone and I’m proud of myself for it. c|:) See you next entry!! c|:D

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27/1/2023 10:19 PM

Sorry for the lack of entries recently, my life is very uninteresting. c|:’) But due to my poor memory and desperate need for some kind of documentation, I’m gonna somehow type and finish today’s entry! Despite how unchanging I may be! (I do not want to lose 2023 like how I lost 2021 and the many many years before!!)

So like um, I managed to pick up my pen and sketch something today!! c|:D I’m planning to line and fully render it so I can bring an end, or at least a pause, to this month-long art block. Cue the party popper emojis! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉!!! c|x)

It’s going to be centered around my (Homestuck. I don’t know how to be original.) OCs, who you will be meeting very very soon! Once I get the OC page done, that is.. “>> I fully intend posting the finished art somewhere here, even if I’m not done with the GALLERY page by then. c|:) (I haven’t shown my artworx to anyone for a very long while now, so I’m very xcited!)

Aside from that, this weex been pretty alright. Not too down, not too up. A decent balance! c|:D This day specifically, though, hasn’t been so kind to me. But again, I was able to eat some (not too sweet) sweets today. So I’d say it was alright too. c|x)

I’m also recoding the ABOUT page as I type! Had to change the format (if that’s what it’s called..) though. Divs do not like me, but for some godforsaken reason, I tolerate and use them anyway. Coding is very fun!

I’ll update the ABOUT page with the new look hopefully a few minutes after I get this entry out. Hopefully because I’m starting to lose hope with aligning these images. @_@

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21/1/2023 7:44 PM

Writing this entry a bit earlier than I should, since I need to vent for a bit.. (It’s one of those days! c|:”))

I’ve been freaking out for no reason a lot more lately, but I’m pretty sure that’s mostly my fault. ;; I should really quit overthinking! Or just thinking about it in general, since the mere reasons of those freak outs freak me out!!

I wish I could use a better phrase or word instead of freaking out, but no, it fits me a bit too much. I tend to be very irrational you see.. c|:””””)

I should also probably get to organizing this site’s code, especially the CSS. It’s a copy-and-pasted mess. @_@ I’ll also look into using iframes more, but I’ll have to take a quick break until I get myself together. Don’t want me losing it over some broken HTML. Would not be a fun experience for anyone!

Anyway, those things aside, I think I had an alright day! Not a lot happened since I just stayed inside, doing homework, and reading some Homestuck panels. There’s not much for me to do, especially when I’m going through both art and writer’s block. c|:”3 (This art block has been going on for months now, might I add.. No actual, serious art made at all!!) (And while I did manage to write something, it’s been an indefinite WIP ever since I made the doc for it. c|x”””()

I’ll do more coding (OC page, organizing styles, etc etc..) tomorrow, for now, I’m going to (try to) relax. c|:)

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20/1/2023 10:52 PM

Hello!! Quick first entry here to get things started. c|:)

I don’t have a lot to say, but I did know that today was a pretty fine day!! Just went out to go grocery shopping with some family members and did some sightseeing (by sightseeing I mean watching the view outside of tricycles.. >>). Was nice to get outside, I really needed that! c|:’D

I did get lost for like.. a minute or three in the supermarket, but I eventually got found!! ^^ All while keeping (somewhat) (nearing the brink of tears) calm!! Very proud of me. c|:) (Unsupervised teenager roaming the market, silently pushing full cart. What will he do?!)

My shoes were killing me the entire time. I’ll have to remind myself to get a pair more comfortable. Or just wear sox for once. That’d work too. “>>

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