So, I heard you wanted some freebies?

Well then, websurfer, you've come to the right place. c|:)

In this page contains a selexion of layouts, all carefully made by the webmaster and 222nd angel herself! All completely free to use, edit, and not credit!

Feel free to use as many as you'd like (on one xception: Try not to use the fandom ones commercially. You are going to be copyright struck by someone who is not me.), be creative, and have fun!

I'm done browsing!

Trollian Window


A responsive Trollian window for all your needs!

It's styled to be small, but can easily be styled to fit the entire screen without too many problems. Just edit the trollian ID in the CSS. c|:D

It isn't xactly accurate, but I had fun making it. c|:) (That being said.. If anyone has the font for the canon window lmk!! I need it!!)

Comes with:
  • Pre-ripped image borders.
  • Pre-ripped header.
  • Buttons you can click.
  • CSS that hopefully doesn't clash with xisting stylesheets..