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Welcome to my GALLERY!! c|:D I'll be displaying any of latest drawings and writings here, for all of the internet to see! c|:)

All that I ask of you while here is to not repost or use my art/writings anywhere, especially without my permission!! (Graphix in the Freebies page are xc100ded.) Other than that, have fun! ^^

September A traditional, and slightly more improved, drawing of Tavros and Dave, of whom is giving a tender kiss to the former’s cheek.
August A digital drawing of a Dave and Tavros outfit swap. A digital drawing of Tavros Nitram and the Summoner, flying away from Tavros’s hive in the middle of the night. A traditional and simplified redrawing of panel 3491 from Homestuck.
July A traditional drawing of Nepeta enjoying a cup of tea. A cel-shaded digital drawing of Tinkerbull, who is politely sitting on a bronze-colored cushion, facing the viewer. A digital drawing of Tavros and Tinkerbull, cosplaying as a Fiduspawn version of Ash and Pikachu respectively. A digital drawing of the members of a younger and smiling Team Charge, with a bonus Horsaroni. A tradtional drawing of a ghostly Aradia Megido.
June A digital drawing of the Marylondes posing for a family photo A drawing consisting of redrawn frames from the [S] Make her pay flash, all arranged in the squares of the Sgrub logo.
May A digital drawing of the Stritrams posing for a family photo A digital drawing of pre-retcon Tavros. An uncolored, but shaded, traditional drawing of transfem!Tavros.
April A traditional drawing of an unnamed woman laying down on an ornate fainting couch. A drawing of Aradia and Gcatavrosprite, who are both in their 20s in human years. A slightly abstract redrawing of various frames from the [S} Enter. flash animation, all showcasing each of the Beta kids. A drawing of Tavros in his hive’s bedroom/respiteblock.
March A depiction of a reversed The Fool tarot card, but with a boy skylark Tavros on it. A depiction of an upright The Fool tarot card, but with god-tier Tavros on it. A drawing of Tavros. depicting both awake and dream versions of him, placed vertically opposite of each other, with his awake self on the upper half of the drawing, and his dreamself on the lower. A drawing of Nepeta, who is posing with one of her legs lifted up and her tail curling behind her.

Tavros finally celebrates his wriggling birthday. It isn't too bad, actually!
Author's note: This is the first fic that I've ever uploaded, and written in a long while, so please go easy on me if you see a mistake (in the grammar or characterization) or two.. I started writing this 18/3/2023, and I had a lot of fun writing it! (Even if I ended up taking so long. c|:"")) I'll try to write some more soon. Whenever that may be. ^^''


Classpecting 222
A quick(?) guide on how classpex work and what they are. Written by yours truly! c|:)
Author's note: Many of these interpretations are fanon and purely speculation, are based on my personal xperiences, and mainly for reference purposes. Don’t be afraid to deviate or make up your own stuff!

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