Space-Time Continuum

A striped Space-themed scarf.
The Space Aspect.
A striped Space-themed scarf.

Color scheme:

Space, the Aspect of creation, distance, lethargy, mass, and responsibility. It’s the bigger pixure, the distance and journey, and the will of those patient enough to walk and wait for it. Due to these, Space happens to be an xtremely fluid Aspect, overlapping with many others at a time.

It may embody axual space, physical distance, art, literally just any object (mostly modified or manipulated ones), and dimensions.

The Spacebound are innovators and creators, filling and modifying empty Space with art (music, writings, drawings, even machines) and thoughts whenever needed, and are also able to make Space for what’s to come through organizing and tidying.

They often have a simple out100k on life, confident in their fate and live linearly in the present, immersed in their promised journey while it’s happening. No wonder they have issues managing their Time.

Those bound to Space can be resourceful, steady, impartial, and creative, or overbearing, detached, apathetic, and vague.

In a regular Sburb session, the Spacebound are delegated the duty of creating the Genesis Frog, of which will be the newborn universe resulting from a suxcessful session, and will bring the players to their ultimate prize. This will be done through collecting and ecto-breeding many frogs on the Spacebound’s planet (Land of ___ and Frogs) in order to produce one with the perfect genetic code, and will be assisted by the Timebound. Often through timetravel..

Additionally, they will be gifted the Forge of their session, usually taking the form of a volcano on their planet. This Forge is where the Genesis Tadpole will be placed into in order to raise it into a proper frog and into Skaia. However, the Forge must be lit up first, powered by a ring and the players’ accumulated grist. In a dead session, or one with an unused Forge, a new universe will not be created…!

As for their session abilities and/or powers, the Spacebound may be able to manipulate, create, and modify the environment or objex around them. Pretty c001 if you ask me! c|:)

Space-Time Continuum

A striped Time-themed scarf.
The Time Aspect.
A striped Time-themed scarf.

Color scheme:

Time, the Aspect of destruxion, tempo, energy, timelines, and responsibility. It’s the routine of everyday life, the end result of a goal, and the impatient foot-tapping of those working towards it. If Space happens to be the bigger pixure of things, then Time is the one scheduling and creating it’s details. The ink to the page.

It may embody axual time, schedules, music, literally just any object (mostly xtremely old or new ones), and timelines.

The Timebound are natural multitaskers and planners, filling up free Time with tasks (meetings, chores, and hang-outs with friends) and musical beats, able to clear them for xtra plans or complete silence if so needed.

They’re goal-focused and always moving, ensuring everything goes to plan and jumping back and forth on plans depending on what’s the most urgent. Unstoppable and busy, of course they’d have trouble with keeping their Space.

Those bound to Time can be empathetic, sentimental, axcepting, and relentless problem-solvers, or impatient, ruthless, defensive, and impulsive.

In a regular Sburb session, the Timebound are delegated to help their session’s Space Heroes to help breed the Genessis Frog, and to keep their timeline maintained in order to prevent unstable time 100ps and possibly dooming them and their teammates. All of this mostly through time manipulation. This comes with a great danger, however, as inxperienced Time Heroes can easily create inevitabilities that no one cannot stop, and one of those inevitabilities could be one’s own death!!

..Additionally, they will be gifted a feature installed on their planet, a large structure that will start something called the Scratch once damaged. This last-resort event would release mass temporal energy, wiping out anything/anyone in its blast radius. Therefore giving Skaia the energy required to forge a new timeline, set in the past, long before the game had started and should result with better starting conditions if the original session is doomed. Key word: should. Better conditions do not always happen and it all may be in vain. Yeah.. c|:(

As for their session abilities and/or powers, the Timebound may be able to manipulate, destroy, and travel through timelines encounter during their session. Neat!