Hello!! Welcome to Classpecting 222, and I, 222, local Page of Breath and Rogue of B100d, will be your Classpect teacher and analyzer for today! c|:)

Before we get into this, be wary that many of these interpretations are fanon and purely speculation, are based on my personal xperiences, and mainly for reference purposes, so please don’t be afraid to deviate or make up your own stuff! ^^"

It'll make writing and thinking so much easier. Trust me.

Ready? Then let’s get into the basix!

What is an Aspect?

To put it simply, it’s a symbol that a player is bound to, with it being the reasons of their axions, the consequences that come with it, and pretty much a ghost that haunts them throughout their life. c|:)

By themselves, they’re abstract concepts and act as descriptors, symbolized by objex or mediums. This is seen with the Breeze symbolizing Breath, Horrorterrors symbolizing Void, natural fauna symbolizing Life, and many, many more.

Space and Time are the most fundamental and physical/literal aspex in a typical Sburb session, with the Timebound keeping track of how much Time they have left, and the Spacebound prepping the Space they will need for the new universe. Their main symbols are the environment and clox respectively.

What is a Class?

The role that a player plays throughout their lives and/or session. If the player’s Aspect is the reason for their axions, a Class then embodies those axions.. Usually the more instinxual ones.

Classes have two distinct types: Passive and Active. As their name states, Passive classes play a more passive or supporting role, and the Active play more active and main roles.

..As for the rest, just think of DND and RPG classes.

What’s Classpect Inversion?

As players overperform or reject their roles in life, they tend to invert their Classpex, turning an Active role into a Passive one (and vice versa), and inverting their Aspect to their counterpart. (E.g. Space to Time, Light to Void, etc. etc.)

Inverted Classpex can be seen as an overlap or bonus to the original Classpex powers. For xample, if a Witch is to manipulate Time, they should have a Passive knowledge of Space, akin to a Seer, in order to perform their role correctly. And if a Knight serves and overwhelms others with Hope, they end up Actively taking others’ Rage, just like a Thief.

They can also be seen as a player's underlying feelings coming from their original Classpex supposed role. Usually negative.

Without a healthy balance of a player's inverted and original Classpex, they may cause destruxion or underperform in their session.

A quick inversion chart (of which is subject to change as I analyze more classpex) can be seen below:

Witch <-> Seer
Heir <-> Mage
Knight <-> Thief
Page <-> Rogue
Maid <-> Bard
Sylph <-> Prince

Space <-> Time
Blood <-> Breath
Doom <-> Life
Heart <-> Mind
Hope <-> Rage
Light <-> Void