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Cliques & Rings

Rex is the baron of blue!

Personal Sites & Blogs

Owned by Shioku. Hosts awesome gothic graphix and the webmaster's blog (of which is still kind of active)!!

The personal site of Krishna, which hosts their (digital + traditional) art, blogposts, F2U graphix, web listings, and reviews!

A very colorful site belonging to Assiel, where they show off their graphic collexions and sometimes blog!

Used to be managed by Kaizer, where he showcased his artworx, CDs, kandi bracelets, and life updates, before the site suddenly went down after a layout update (not archived)... c|:')

Owned by Apple, a fellow Homestuck fan! Has really nice art and writings. And a lot of Dave Strider. Mood. c|:3

The awesome personal (and very emo) site of Micheal!! Who hosts graphix, art, quizzes, and art!

I love this one’s webdesign(s).. So elegant and pretty. Hosts the webmistress’s shrines, EGL wardrobe, and writings!!

The website of Mason, where he puts his art, characters, and blogposts on!

A beautiful website hosting Fae’s beautiful art and linx to (also beautiful and) helpful resources. Is very image and gif heavy though!!

A site managed by Shadow, a faery! Has lots of c001 crafting resources and writings of their personal xperiences.

The site of Karkat, a staff member on Broadwaystuck Remixed! His site has their mp3 downloads, his writings, and loads of other c001 stuffs.

Owned by the webmistress Ophanim, a lolita and artist! Also has some very c001 projex and OCs. c|:)

A retro-100king website managed by Leo, which has lots of nice graphix and sparkly gifs. Very mesmerizing. ^^

As it says on the button, this is webspace is owned by Solaria/Simon, who likes to study rainbows and create art!!

Graphix & Resources

..Not all of them are free to use. Make sure to credit if needed. Please.

Web Accessibility What it says on the tin! Lots of good tips on making your site more axcessible and convenient in general.

Common Accessibility Problemss What it says on the tin! Lots of good tips on making your site more axcessible and convenient in general, and is shorter than the one above it.

RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects What it says on the tin! c|:) Writing resources, generators, art tutorials, and fun graphix for you to use!!

All Write Alright Writing tips, trix, xercises, and ideas by Jules!

ThemeKings Graphic Design Oh my fucking god this is soo c0001… Lots of nice-100king old school web templates and resources for you to use! You need to pay for some and a lot of them aren’t responsive, though.. I’d say it’d be worth it!

Hosts cute fonts and graphix! Particularly a big fan of their fonts: Little Devil and Adorable Lady/Doll. ^^

I’m not too into dolls, but I love Jonathan’s site for them! Hosts graphix, dolls, and a very cozy layout!

C001 gothic sozai and web resources.


Xplains what faeriepunk is and what it isn't! Interesting and inspiring read.

The Princess Code, written by Princess Skye, and contributed to by a few other princesses!! I think I may be one, too. c|:)

Web series

Homestuck You know what this is. Have fun! c|:) (Warnings)

17776 Multimedia comic that talx about what football might look like in the future. Really fun read. I recommend wholeheartedly! c|x) (Warnings: None I think?? Does involve immortality, sentient computers, and a somewhat drowned Earth, though.)

Dispatches from the Loneliest Girl in the Universe Follow Commander Romy Silvers as she waits until her ship, The Infinity, finally reaches a new planet. (Warnings: Isolation, dissociation?, traumatic flashbax and nightmares, death, and just all of the reaxions a kid goes through after suddenly inheriting masses of responsibility.. Also some suggestive thoughts from the protag.)

An Unauthorised Fan Treatise This one's my favorite! Tells the story of Gottie, a fangirl for Loch & Ness, as she writes about her belief that two of the male actors are secretly dating. She's.. very dedicated to it !! (Warnings: Stalking, murder, breaking and entering, and insane fandom discourse.)

A modern retelling of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla. The year is 2012, and as Lauren Krepshaw's best friend grows distant and school life becomes harder for her to deal with, she turns to her online friend, Eris. (Warnings: Grooming, coercion, sexual assualt, rape, blood, mind control?, many murders and deaths, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and suicide.)

Three Acts in Three Years ..Does fanfic count as a webseries? Well, either way, I don’t care!! It’s an awesome fic series centered around awesome Homestuck characters told through awesome play scripts. You should go read it! (Warnings: Typical Homestuck shit.)

Terawatt Outlaws/TWO "Sollux has been strung up in the Helmsblock alongside his Ancestor. This was the Empire's first and last mistake." Terwatt Outlaws my beloved. Such a good fic. I am tearing my hair out over everyone's characterization. It is so good please read it. (Warnings for main fic: For Teen and Up audiences, typical Homestuck shit, body horror, focus on whats basically slavery and folx being treated as objex, lighthearted mentions of NSFW stuff, and just lots of pain.)


Flightrising Breed, raise, and dress up pixel dragons! Has a very kind and welcoming community.. You can get stuff for free.... c|xP

PokéFarm Q A Pokemon fangame, where you can collect and care for Pokemon!! Lots of c001 events too, like the Type Race, where you're sorted into a team (assigned a certain type) and hatch eggs corresponding your team's type to win!


Faerie Generator What it says on the tin! c|:)

Can I Play That? Very active site with information regarding if a game you want to play is axcessible or not.

Multiverse Lives up to the wish of a more xpressive web, by helping you post your thoughts and decorate them with HTML, pixures, and more!! I don’t axually use it though. So what I just typed may or may not be a bunch of bullshit…

A directory belonging to one Rin! Linx to webcliques, writings, and fanlistings.

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