What You See is What You Get
And they all lived happily ever after!.. Probably.
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Huge work-in-progress... Please bare with me!

It’s a beautiful day on Earth C, the year is 9645, and all humans, trolls, Consorts, lusii, and Carapacians alike live, united and harmoniously under the Sylph of Space’s patterned sky..

Most of the time.

In the heart of Lucidea City, and in the student-filled crowd of the PV Academy, a group of six rambunxious students (four athletes, and two very tired valedictorians) try finding their paths in life. It probably doesn’t help that two of them are attention-attracting set-in-stone godly prodigies. They’ll get through it. Somehow..

Being born on a god-fearing planet is hard. It’s hard and nobody understands, but some (awfully parasocial) people like to think they do. Raising generation after generation in the image of the Creators, many important institutions have taken it upon themselves to create seasonal signs symbolizing them to use as identification, calling them Alchements.

Alchement depixions differ from place to place, but most rely on the Can Town’s adaptation, seen below:

Left to right: Metaborn/Inbetween, Fireborn/Summer, Waterborn/Winter, Airborn/Autumn, and Earthborn/Spring.

Then Lucidea’s xtended variations:






This is all very unfortunate to said Creators. They hate it. Can Town’s “Alchements” weren’t even supposed to be used this way. They were just silly symbols to put on shitty merchandise! But that was millenniums ago. No one remembers and no one cares. It’s very sad!!

But, in the end, it’s still just another beautiful day on Earth C. You still have homework to finish, concerts to attend, and days to wait until the new Sun finally sets to start the next solar month. No use on focusing on the past.

The Creators

The βeta, αlpha, and the Twelve. Who hasn’t heard one of those terms be thrown around at least once? Definitely not anyone on (WYSiWYG’s) Earth C. They’re crazy about them!

Before their miraculous return on the year 5424, Earth C had funxioned normal without them, and still do now, thanx to their immense(?) preparation(??) beforehand!

Nowadays, the Creators are often seen and treated as muses or celebrities to their people.. But mostly celebrities. Really shitty celebrities… (Earth C’s population was very inaccurate about them when it came to myths and stories...)

As time passed after Earth C’s transfer to another universe, and the Creators’ First Landing, they all were referred to different names and symbols corresponding to their role in the Session, seen below:

J. Egbert: Heir of Breath / Mage of Blood / Tar Tornadex
Jade Harley: Witch of Space / Seer of Time / Our Queen Creator
Rose Maryam-Lalonde: Seer of Light / Witch of Void / Green Sun’s Anathema
Dave Strider: Knight of Time / Thief of Space / King Tempo

Jane Crocker: Maid of Life / Bard of Doom / Her Majesty Remedy
Jake English: Page of Hope / Rogue of Rage / Working Miracle
Roxy Lalonde: Rogue of Void / Page of Light / Eager Suncatcher
Dirk Strider: Prince of Heart / Sylph of Mind / His Highness Cardiac

Calliope Lalonde: Muse of Space / Lord of Time / Mother Reaper
Caliborn: Lord of Time / Muse of Space / Grim Nature

Aradia Megido: Maid of Time / Bard of Space / Her Cultivated Army
Tavros Nitram: Page of Breath / Rogue of Blood / Lost Whisperer
Sollux Captor: Mage of Doom / Heir of Life / Grand Misfortuned Fortune
Karkat Vantas: Knight of Blood / Thief of Breath / Red, Bright, Coalesce
Nepeta Zahleixes: Rogue of Heart / Page of Mind / Lithesome Messenger
Kanaya Maryam-Lalonde: Sylph of Space / Prince of Time / Seemly Seamstress
Terezi Serket: Seer of Mind / Witch of Heart / Judge Justice
Vriska Pyrope: Thief of Light / Knight of Void / Lady Luck
Equius Zahleixes: Heir of Void / Mage of Light / Blue, Dark, Abyss
Gamzee Makara: Bard of Rage / Maid of Hope / Found Preacher
Eridan Ampora: Prince of Hope / Sylph of Rage / Marked Sharpshooter
Feferi Zahleixes: Witch of Life / Seer of Doom / Seeding Sowess

Academy of the Peregrine Villein
Lusii/Lusus stuff

Lusii have evolved beyond the instinxual need to raise trolls and many have started raising those of their own instead! Especially with the recent influx of both humans and trolls adopting grubs the past few centuries. c|:)

Many of them have also started having romantic relationships with eachother (see; Deicet's lusii) which often loox like the old-school, four romantic quadrants Alternian trolls used to practice. None of them can axually reproduce, but it's very sweet!

The terms lusus/Lusus and lusii/Lusii have also grown into gender-neutral (but dehumanizing to some) honorifix to refer to one's guardian/s. At first caused by a mix-up from a very confused human, it's meaning has changed over time into what meaning most use now. (Usually accompanied by the Lusus' surname, or if they're an axual lusus by species, their grub's.) (E.G. Lusii Maryam-Lalondes, Lusus Strider, Lusus Nitram, and what you've already seen on the right.)

Main characters
A reference drawing of Jeffory Stritram.
¡watch !t, brah¡
Half-human Tartaurus troll
15 years/7 sweeps old

As the raddest kid this side of paradox space, Jeffory makes it a point to be as respectful, faithful, and rough-and-tumble as they can be. All while keeping everything up-to-standard and reasonable, of course.

Despite their altruistic and protective nature, however, they still happen to be the most judgemental and serious of the group, and the most quick to leave or shut anyone/anything down for something they don't agree with. Unfortunately for literally everyone else..

When not busy, Jeffory can often be seen riding around on their scooter (with BoomingHT™ at max volume), or hanging out with their girlfriend, Deicet (also with BoomingHT™ at max volume).

One of the runningbax for the Sharp Savagers, and loves it! The team growing apart thing is getting concerning, though. People need to quit ignoring their texts.

Misc. info

- Sylph of Rage / Prince of Hope.
- Height is 5'0.
- Has communing powers, but sux at using it.
- Scooter is affexionately named Scootaloo, after overhearing it from their grandbro.
- Says the craziest shit on expPlaza, and gets mass-reported every time for it. Some people just don't get their vision.
- Uses lassokind and helmetkind.

Vaxory Marylonde

Being cousins, and having grown up together, Jeffory and Vaxory 100k out for each other whenever they can, providing (questionable) support and resources when neccessary. Paparazzi-related matters or not.

While good-intentioned, they don’t seem to know what discipline or “not enabling your c100less family member” means, nor how to use or do it. What a shame !


A Good Song Never Dies
¡¡🔥hell🔥 yeah¡¡
A reference drawing of Vaxory Marylonde.
Haha! You really had me!¹
Half-human Virpor troll
19 years/9 sweeps old

The ever-brilliant demi-god prodigy of Earth C, Vaxory worx hard to keep her life-long title and the crowds pleased, oftentimes whisking herself away to meetings, interviews, and speeches 24/7.

Dressing as sweet and as modest as she ax, Vaxory tries her best to be polite to whoever she comes across, only sprinkling in pinches of passive-aggressiveness to spice up a conversation. Resulting in her becoming somewhat of a balancing act. Whoops!

When not busy (very rare occurence), Vaxory can often be seen (reluctantly) gossiping with others, or meditating. Mostly through yoga.

One of the many skilled valedictorians of her academy, and with the support from her friends and the Principal herself, plans on getting in the next student council. It's only the next most logical thing to do.. Probably.

Misc. info

- Page of Mind. / Rogue of Heart.
- Height is 6'5.
- Very sensitive to the scent of b100d. Doesn't like it.
- Xtremely good at voice acting. Anything for accuracy!
- A bit of an online celebrity on expPlaza. Ever since she was 13 years old. Horrible news, really, but at least folx like her ideas!!
- Uses penkind.

Jeffory Stritram

Being cousins, and having grown up together, Jeffory and Vaxory 100k out for each other whenever they can, providing (questionable) support and resources when neccessary. Paparazzi-related matters or not.

While good-intentioned, they don’t seem to know what discipline or “not enabling your c100less family member” means, nor how to use or do it. What a shame !


Test Me
(¹Proper citation needed.)
Supporting characters
A reference drawing of Deicet Wattz
Like whatSZZ your damage?!
No pronouns
Gemini troll
15 years/7 sweeps old

Understanding, upbeat, loud, and proud, the students of PV Academy know Deicet as an unstoppable force, thanx to the troll’s insistence to not let anything or anyone block out the ideal paths ahead.

However, as Deicet’s still recovering from a long closed-off and “edgy” phase, Deicet, having supposedly understood, often ends up xcusing other people’s axions, usually ending up as the one hurt in the process....

When not busy, Deicet can be seen diligently practicing (the drums, sports stuff, etc.), or on a casual date with Jeffory.

Longtime athlete, and one of the runningbax for the Sharp Savagers! Doesn’t like that the team’s starting to grow apart, though, no matter how hard Deicet tries. It’s starting to get to the poor girl.

Misc. info

- Seer of Hope. / Witch of Rage.
- Height is 5'0.
- Psionic powers are very out of control and harmless. Complete opposite if concentrated, though.
- Likes to play the drums, and practices almost everyday.
- Only uses expPlaza to chat with friends. And also post selfies.
- Uses (detachable and homemade..) stingerkind and helmetkind.


LetSZZ BUZZing do thiSZZ!!
A reference drawing of Morzki Pasvik.
sh/\rks \/ers\/s sh/\rks.
Piscent troll
15 years/7 sweeps old

The beloved and charismatic quarterback of the Sharp Savagers, Morzki is the center of xyr friend group, and an active, positive influence in many others. Lax and confident, yet competitive and clever, xe’s a force to be reckoned with, and xe doesn’t hesitate to show that, especially in xyr games.

Morzki believes knows that without the three people xe’s met, xe wouldn’t be here at all. Because despite xyr troubles in keeping in contact with others, they’re still here, after all this time. So, to make up for xyr stubborn and distant tendencies, xe clings to them, and lets them do whatever the hell they want. It’s what they deserve, after all.

When not busy, Morzki can be seen surfing, making jewelry, or effortlessly planning out ways to lead xyr team to victory.

But after a meeting with the Sharp Savager coach and xyr corresponding middle linebacker, Morzki’s been focusing on that last hobby quite a bit. Something important’s coming up, and xe needs all of the time to prepare for it. Xe needs to make new connexions, sever them, find possible recruits/back-ups, and.. It’s just a lot, okay? The team will understand, surely!..

Misc. info

- Witch of Blood / Seer of Breath
- Height is 5'9.
- Doesn't have any special powers, but can pack a punch. Especially with xyr spike bracelets/makeshift brass knuckles.
- Loves to make xyr own jewelry using stuff xe found on beaches.
- Fairly popular on the DIY side of expPlaza, but deactivates and reactivates frequently.
- Uses brassfistkind and helmetkind.


Apple Blossom
j\/st /\s it sho\/ld be.
A reference drawing of Pelivy Loselv.
..(Y)ou dont s(A)y.
Airborn carapacian
15 years/7 sweeps old

A gentle and sentimental giant, constant and understanding, Pelivy’s usually seen as the shoulder to lean on in the group, who always knows what to say to people and when to say it. Constantly one step ahead, yet so patient, no wonder people love having him around.

..Admittedly, it gets sickening sometimes. No matter how much time passes, things are still just “alright” and “good”, even when it doesn't feel like it. Well, either that, or everything changes so fast to the point where she can’t even think…! She's gotten used to it, but give a girl a break every once in a while, right?

When not busy, Pelivy can be seen gaming, preparing for (slightly more important) gaming, or shredding on his awesome guitar.

A lot has changed these past few months, but Pelivy seems to be doing just fine. It’s so much information and bullshit to take in, but he can take it. He just has to do it at his own pace this time.

Misc. info

- Heir of Time / Mage of Space
- Height is 6'2.
- Isn't that special or strong. Just.. really fucking tall.
- Plays an electric guitar, but usually doesn't have the motivation to practice.
- Uses different SNS services other than expPlaza, mostly to keep up with tournament and PVP stuffs.
- Uses (tiny and remote-controlled) mechkind and helmetkind.


Daddy Won't Pay Your Bill
...Lol? Wtf is going on (v) there?
Minor characters