Cringe is dead!

And I killed it. And then immediately inherited it like a curse.. Thank fucking goodness! c|x3

I wouldn't be living my life if I wasn't even a little bit cringe or sentimental about the things and characters I love. Hell, I don't think I'd be living at all without it!!

The internet was the first place to axually axcept (or at least tolerate) me, so of course I'm a big sap about things on said internet. Of course I am. c|:)

Let me show you the internet things I love, through webpage form!

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Dedicated to one of the most relatable and unfortunate trolls in Homestuck: Tavros Nitram!!! He's awesome and silly. Click on the minimize and closing buttons to navigate.

This shrine is a WIP!


The Cyclone

I love musicals. I love watching dysfunxional teenagers get themselves into situations. I love comedy. If you can relate, check out this shrine (and even more preferably, the musical itself). c|:)

This shrine has to be revamped!


Coming soon..

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