It goes around, and round, and round again..

--to this Ride The Cyclone shrine, where through my days of procrastination, I've realized that the only thing that takes more time than literally any other of my hobbies, is coding an entire website and shrines to match.

Or whatever the hell Karnak said. What a silly guy. c|:)

Anyway, without further ado: site viewers, I give you the Saint Cassian Chamber Choir from Uranium City, Saskatchewan! c|:D

..Mounds of information about them, that is. c|x)

What is an RTC?

You will regret this.

Ride The Cyclone, often shortened to "RTC", is a musical by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell, and is the second installment to the currently incomplete "Uranium Teen Scream Trilogy", which all take place in an exaggerated Uranium City, Saskatchewan.

It tells the stories of the recently deceased six members of the St. Cassian High School chamber choir, who have all died on a faulty roller coaster called The Cyclone, and have been offered the chance to return to life/reincarnate by Karnak, the mechanical fortune teller that had axcidentally led them to their demise.. vv

Operating on a voting system to gain their prize(s: Stale pack of menthol c001s, succulent Hello Kitty cupcake, and a limited edition used Iron Maiden t-shirt), all of the choir members compete by singing songs about their lives (or what they would've wanted) (or the lack thereof). The songs are very catchy. Go listen to them. And their early versions, too, while you're at it! ^^

That's all I'm going to tell you! You're going have to go through the joyful xperience of listening to this musical yourself. c|:)

(Especially because everything below this sexion has spoilers. Important ones! Go listen to it and watch some videos if you haven't already!! Quick!!)

The choir members

Meet the choir members, and the webmaster's personal opinion of them! (Spoiler: He thinx that they're all pretty awesome. c|:))

Ocean O'Connell Rosenberg
"Democracy rocks!"


Born on December 22nd, and seventeen years old at time of death.

Ocean O'Connell Rosenberg is seen as an overachiever by her peers, and strives to be the most suxcessful girl in town.

She was brought up by a family of far left-of-center humanists who moved to live a carbon free lifestyle, and despite all of her family's Marxist parables and drum circles, she never shook off the feeling that she was the one normal white sheep of her family.

Despite her tendency to (loudly) take the moral high ground, Ocean often puts herself first and dismiss others who are supposedly below her, even her best friend, Constance.

Throughout the musical, she learns to empathize with her classmates and uses her leadership skills for good. As once it was revealed that she would be the only person allowed to vote, she voted for Jane Doe, and axcepted that she is the same as those around her.

Her favorite ride is the bumper cars.


  • Rielle Braid (Toronto 2011, Canadian Tour 2013)
  • Tiffany Tatreau (Chicago 2015, Off Broadway 2016, Seattle 2018, Atlanta 2019)
  • Shinah Brashears/Hey (Jungle Theatre 2019, Arena Stage 2023)
  • Madeline Humeny (Blue Bridge Theatre 2022)
  • Katerina McCrimmon (McCarter Theatre 2022)
  • Trinity Thibeault (Sudbury Theatre Centre 2022)

What does Emmett think?

Placeholder! (I cannot put my opinion on her in words for the life of me. Please give me a couple of weex..)

Noel Gruber
"Being the only gay man in a small rural high school is kind of like having a laptop in the stone age. I mean, sure, you can have one, but there's nowhere to plug it in!"


Born on March 5th, and seventeen years old at time of death.

Noel Gruber is the most passionate out of the choir, and fantasizes about being his alter-ego, Monique Gibeau, to escape the bores of Uranium and his embarrassing Taco Bell job.

He takes a liking to romanticizing all things nihilistic, seeing tragical xperiences as xciting. He shows this using Monique Gibeau, a troubled sex worker in post-war France, who lived a short life before dying in an alley to the typhoid flu.

Noel also tends to be dramatic and defiant, with him calling Ocean a horrible succubus, making xaggerated gestures and metaphors, and him suddenly breaking into an xcerpt from Waiting for Godot during his seventh grade Christmas Nativity Pageant, resulting in him getting suspended.

Throughout the musical, he is easily swayed by his emotions, being easily provoked, disgusted, flattered, and defensive of others, and while he was never given to chance to, he had planned to vote for Mischa, for the enthusiasm and friendliness he had shown to Noel.

His favorite ride is the Ferris wheel.


  • Kholby Wardell (Toronto 2011, Canadian Tour 2013, Chicago 2015, Off Broadway 2016, Seattle 2018, Atlanta 2019)
  • Josh Zwick (Jungle Theatre 2019)
  • Carter Gulseth (Blue Bridge Theatre 2022)
  • Nick Martinez (McCarter Theatre 2022, Arena Stage 2023)
  • Jean Paul Parker (Sudbury Theatre Centre 2022)

What does Emmett think?

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!” Said in response to someone else calling him tragic.. Hm! Mr. Gruber, you are quite the character! c|x)

Anyway, putting aside his want to be (at least somewhat) tragically unique (his mom wanted him to blend in), he is very gender goals! Whatever the hell that’s meant to mean. c|:) I love his dramatic mannerisms and emotional self, and will always remember him when I instinxually put a hand over my mouth in shock, or when I do anything else generally dramatic/silly for The Bit. Thanx, Noel. c|:)

Mischa Bachinski
"My gangster persona is just armor to conceal that I am naked child wandering the wilderness, holding in my hands my wounded, fragile heart."


Born on August 18th, and eighteen years old at time of death.

Just as his catchphrase entails, Mischa Bachinski is a very lost teen, and uses his anger and songs to conceal and cope with it.

He was born in Odessa, Ukraine, to Tamara, a sick factory worker who put him up for adoption out of desire to keep him safe, forging his birth certificate and claiming that he was two years old, only for his adoptive parents to reject him immediately, and isolating him in their basement.

Mischa often direx his anger to making boastful hip-hop songs, and to talking himself up, which he all posts on his Youtube channel, Bad Egg.

Despite his anger, though, he ax friendly to his fellow choir members, with him talking positively about them. He's the most soft to his virtual fiancé, Talia, a Ukrainian girl who he'd fallen in love with after her many positive comments and internet calls.

His favorite rides are the shooting gallery, and the beer garden.


  • Matthew Coulson (Toronto 2011, Blue Bridge Theatre 2022)
  • Jameson Matthew Parker (Canadian Tour 2013)
  • Russell Mernagh (Chicago 2015)
  • Gus Halper (Off Broadway 2016)
  • Adam Standley (Seattle 2018)
  • Chaz Duffy (Atlanta 2019)
  • Micheal Hanna (Jungle Theatre 2019)
  • Eli Mayer (McCarter Theatre 2022, Arena Stage 2023)
  • Jake Deeth (Sudbury Theatre Centre 2022)

What does Emmett think?

Admittedly, I don’t know that much about him. c|:( Really funny and supportive guy though. I feel a bit bad about his situation with his fiance, but he also reminds me of some of my past classmates so I don’t know how to feel about that. Still a very c001 character nonetheless!

Richard "Ricky" Potts
"Level up!"


Born on June 5th, and seventeen years old at time of death.

Having lost the ability to speak at a young age/at birth, and having nobody to regularly communicate with xcept for his grandparents/parents and their many cats, Ricky Potts developed an elaborate world in his mind, only shared to others once he died.

In the pre-2023 scripts, Ricky was born with a rare degenerative disease, losing his ability to speak and his legs' strength as time went on, making him need mobility aids at six years old. Due to his mutism, the Potts family had taken a vow of silence, and resorted to communicating in gestures that only they understood, making constant communication with other people harder for him.

In the Arena Stage produxion, however, Ricky Potts was born of a Pentecostal pastor, and spent his young age touring the province with him and their saw-scaled viper snake, JoJo. But after witnessing JoJo giving his father a lethal bite during a sermon, Ricky lost his power of speech, having been thoroughly traumatized.

As a result of being around cats most of his life, Ricky's imagination had brewed up the Zolarian world, a planet populated by cat people, and was in great need of help before their chosen one, Richard "Ricky" Potts, had come to save them.

Throughout the musical, Ricky is very respectful, optimistic, and verbose, always willing to share his previously hidden away ideas with others. Once his song ends, he concedes his vote, claiming that "voting (himself) would be the ultimate dick move", which he strives to avoid, along with anything harmful done to another.

His favorite ride is the Gravitron.


  • Elliott Loran (Toronto 2011, Canadian Tour 2013)
  • Jackson Evans (Chicago 2015)
  • Alex Wyse (Off Broadway 2016)
  • Connor Russell (Seattle 2018)
  • Scott Redmond (Atlanta 2019)
  • Jordan M. Leggett (Jungle Theatre 2019)
  • Keith MacMillian (Blue Bridge Theatre 2022)
  • Yannick-robin Eike (McCarter Theatre 2022)
  • Jonathan Cullen (Sudbury Theatre Centre 20220
  • Matthew Boyd Snyder (Arena Stage 2023)

What does Emmett think?

I love this guy! c|:) Has very interesting (neutral tone with a touch of understanding) ideas.. Good for him! ^^

Really do love the futuristic(???) space theme he’s got going on in his song. I also love his many lines, e.g. “Badass.”, “It gets weird now.” (like no shit..), “Everything I’ve been saving up has to go. It’s a fire sale in my brain, and everything must go by m-m-m-midnight, night.” (just like me fr c|:)), and he seems like a pretty awesome guy in general. Especially regarding his beliefs, as “Don’t be a dick” is something I can always agree with! c|:)

Jane Doe
"When a lioness has children, she stops making love to the lion. The lion gets jealous—sometimes so jealous he eats the children. You'd think this would upset the lioness. Far from it. They make love again like the children never existed. I find that idea terrifying."


Born on ????, and seventeen(?) years old at time of death. Real name unknown.

Jane Doe had gotten decapitated in the Cyclone axcident, and the only body to not be claimed afterwards, making her the sixth and unidentified choir member.

Despite her being in the choir, no one could recall who she was, as she was the last to sign up. There was nobody to remember her, for the choir conductor, Father Marcus, died of a heart attack seven hours after the axcident, and Karnak had never read her fortune.

After her death, she uses her doll's head as a substitute for her own, and once asx Constance to "comb (her) dolly's hair", thoroughly creeping her out as a result.

Throughout the musical, Jane Doe is shown to be very solemn and confused about her demise, as she never got the chance to know what was before it. She also tends to scare and/or unnerve the others, but they soon learn to empathize with her, and sings her a birthday song to make her feel better.

At the end, she is voted by Ocean, and promptly brought back to life/reincarnated as Penny Lamb.

Her favorite ride is unknown. c|:(


  • Sarah Pelzer (Toronto 2011, Canadian Tour 2013)
  • Emily Rohm (Chicago 2015, Off Broadway 2016, Seattle 2018, Atlanta 2019)
  • Becca Heart (Jungle Theatre 2019)
  • Anna van der Hooft (Blue Bridge Theatre 2022)
  • Ashlyn Maddox (McCarter Theatre 2022, Arena Stage)
  • Tessa Balaz (Sudbury Theatre Centre 2022)

What does Emmett think?

Jane Doe. One of the characters ever, I think. Whatever that's meant to mean. c|:)

I really related to her (her loss of identity, the forgetting.. I'm going to go insane) and I'm really happy that she was given a second chance at life. She deserves it! c|x)

That being said, her life as Penny Lamb is fucking insane.. Girl what do you mean you had to do two hundred hours of community service! What did you do!! (Well, I'm pretty sure she sold drugs and beat up someone she admired. Which is...) (..Good? For her? Good for her! Yeah! c|:3)

Anyway. She is very silly. And also my favorite character out of the entire choir, if you hadn't noticed. Particularly a big fan of how she flies around on stage during her song. (It's very impressive!)

Constance Blackwood


Born on November 14th, and seventeen years old at the time of death.

Constance Blackwood, known only as the nicest girl in town, and while feels underwhelmed by it, she had never actively shown it until her death.

Having learnt to be nice and positive about others to avoid worser alternatives, Constance had been constantly dismissed in her life, leading her to yearn for genuine, deeper connexions.

Resenting her life-long title, she started removing "she seemed nice" comments in her yearbook just to burn them right after. But even so, fearing what people would think of her, she had lost her pride and love for many "lame" things she liked, including her town.

Throughout the musical, she is, of course, shown as a very nice, and bubbly person, keeping most negative comments and thoughts to herself, up until her turn to sing. She xplains almost everything she'd bottled up, and xpresses that riding the Cyclone was a cathartic xperience for her, making her realize that her life was wonderful.

(Note: Please go listen to her song and monologue for more!! I cannot condense Constance into a few paragraphs. She's just that awesome.)
(Note²: She recalls on an underage rape (not sure if that's the term) xperience in her monologue. Just a heads up!)

Her favorite ride is the Cyclone.


  • Kelly Hudson (Toronto 2011, Canadian Tour 2013)
  • Lillian Castillo (Chicago 2015, Off Broadway 2016, Seattle 2018, Atlanta 2019)
  • Gabrielle Dominique (Jungle Theatre 2019, Arena Stage 2023)
  • Yasmin Doshun (Blue Bridge Theatre 2022)
  • Sasha Victome (McCarter Theatre 2022)
  • April Perrin (Sudbury Theatre Centre)

What does Emmett think?

I think Constance is my second favorite out of the choir (or ties with Jane Doe).

I'm not xactly sure what about her hits hard for me, but damn, her character hits hard!! (Is it her tendency to romanticize of normal life? Is it the fact that she stopped doing so in order to blend in? Her being dismissed for being so nice, yet also pushed aside if she was anything else? No one knows!! c|x''0) (But I cannot be happier for it. Thank you, Constance. c|:'))

Anyway. It took her a horrible axcident to remember and realize how wonderful everything was, and I respect her for that! You go, girl! c|:)

Why do you like RTC?

Music is good. Really good. Same goes for stories. Yeah. I just really like musicals.

--Which is what I'd leave it at if I was normal about this! Unfortunately I am not!! I wouldn't make a shrine page for it if I was.. c|:T

I had short, musical-obsessed phases in the past, but I don't think they lasted this long nor meant this much to me. It's very xciting! c|x)

A huge factor to this, I think, was the mysteriousness surrounding it. Or at least mysterious to me. c|:P I don't really interact with fandoms anymore, and I can't go to watch things in person either, so I had to find out a lot of things by myself!

I'm the type of gal to listen to a musical's songs only, which isn't much of a problem (I think? I am disconnected from the world.), until the songs start lacking a lot of context.. I did not know why Ride the Cyclone was called that. I did not know why all these characters were singing awfully catchy songs. I did not know who the fuck Karnak was (despite him being the first to be name-dropped in the World Premiere Cast Recording), so I went to seek out answers! And boy, did I find them!! c|x)

Ride the Cyclone helped me appreciate both musical and theatre in their entirety (the songs are not complete without the performance!!), so I don't think I'll stop liking it anytime soon. c|:) Unfortunately for everyone else. c|:)

Random findings

Stuff related to Ride the Cyclone I found flying around! c|:)

Videos! That I'm allowed to share!!